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I know, that's why I said he NEEDS to hear a pair of JH Audio's flagships. It'll change is perception on custom IEM's greatly.
This may be a sign to upgrade to a pair JH13 Pro's or JH16 Pro's or go all out and get a JH-3A also.
You NEED to hear a pair of JH13 or JH16 Pro's.
Did you hear the JH-3A?
My goodness, it just hit me and it hit me hard. I won't be unboxing my JH16 Pro + JH-3A until the next 2-3 months.
Even though the I never heard the IE8 if the bass hump is centered around the sub-bass than that is actually not a bad thing if it is controlled and detailed. If the hump is centered around the mid-bass then I wouldn't want that in my ears.
Good Luck guys!
Most likely around mid-July I'll be putting these back up for sale.
The funny thing is that I face palmed before reading that you face palm also.
For some reason I think Jude was able to borrow a universal pair of the JH16 Pro's along with the prototype JH-3A and is going to write up a very informative read. I'm just hoping this.
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