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The 13's been out longer therefore acquired more owners to praise it's beauty. In some ways I think I regret going for the 16's because I find the bass of the 13's to be chameleon like to the recording. Thank goodness for the bass control on the JH-3A.  
  Please don't pay over $100 on a cable for a $250 phone.
Ummmm, it's true. You're not just feeding a 'superior' signal to the JH13/16 Pro. The JH-3A requires hardware modifications to the actual JH13/16 Pro taking out their crossover chips and activated them in the amplifier. Something that no other amplifier or source can do. Passive crossover chips are a bottle neck to multi-driver designs. By making the crossovers active inside of an amplifier you fix phase and time issues and increase sound quality.   Let's not derail this...
No, but I would love to. To see what the rave is about them.  
  I've owned the JH13 Pro since late 09 and till this day it has never ceased to amaze me with its natural, detailed and beautiful sound. The Protector still to me is an unbelievably awesome sounding amplifier in such a small size and the HiFiMAN still is the best source I've ever heard.
Yes, and then the thread turns into one of the most active threads on Head-Fi filled with glowing impressions of how amazing it sounds.
  I'd appreciate if you can also post your JH-3A impressions in this thread:    
I get what your saying. The Shure S530's are alright but that's where it stops. After I got my JH13 Pro's...dust, this is Shure SE530...Shure SE530, this is dust.
  No wonder.  
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