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Sorry, quoted you by accident, lol.  
Even though the JH-3A+JH16 Pro demo supposedly sounded better than most rigs people have ever heard there was still some bottlenecks in the demo setup. Here were the 2 bottlenecks: Analog input from an iPad caused the signal to go through 2 stages of conversions maybe 'downgrading' the signal. Universal fit from the JH16 Pro prevented optimal sound quality from these miniature speakers.   Here's how the final version will fix these bottlenecks: Users...
  I apologize.  
I was just kidding around hence the 'stick out tongue' smiley face at the end.  
No, the JH-3A and the JH13/16 Pro is a perfect match.
  On the 13's also? The bass and mid drivers are clustered together on the 13's.
They probably use those newer dual BA's ( Subwoofer, Tweeter ) from Knowles that have a built in crossover.
I'm sure it'll be removed and recycled, or maybe not.
  Even if the crossover is implemented very, very well. It's the still the bottle neck of the whole system. Thank goodness Jerry Harvey finally changed the IEM game by taking the passive crossovers out of the earpieces and making the crossovers activated inside of a proprietary amplifier.
  I guess maybe the JH-3A is not a profitable item.  
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