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  Couldn't have said it better.
  He doesn't? Jerry told me he mixes with the JH13 and JH16 Pro but prefers the JH16 Pro's bottom end.  
    This is why you need to read the entire thread, lol. The JH-3A's inputs are 3.5mm analog, SPDIF digital up to ( 24bit 196khz) and USB digital up to ( 16bit 44.1khz ).  
    It also makes the phase and timing issues found in passive crossovers chips non-existent. That is the primary bottleneck to a multi-driver design utilizing a passive crossover.  
SoupRKnowva uses a RSA Protector which is a balanced portable headphone amplifier. Though not a fully balanced setup since it's only input is a 3.5mm analog. He thinks the JH-3A is better. Correct me if I'm wrong SoupRKnowva.
Due to the volcano eruption it backed up JH16 Pro orders 'before' you. Now that JH Audio has finally received the JH16 Pro's component shipment they are completed the tons of orders 'before' you. So this is why you're experiencing delays on a different model. You need to realize, at this level of quality and customization, it won't be built overnight. Look at the Bugatti Veyron for instance. It takes 3 months for them to build the car after requested.  
  It was directed at immtbiker.
Ok, what is that headphone or earphone that you've heard that literally seems as if it just molds to the recording and gives it to you exactly the way 'you' think the recording should sound? For me, it's the JH13 Pro, it seems as if it has a built in 'smart' EQ that changes according to the song.
I would guess it's the speaker's ability to respond to that impulse signal on the dime?
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