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Oh, ok. I get it. Great, now I have to buy another cabe...-__-
The 3.5mm input on the front of the JH-3A is not a SPDIF input. It's an analog input. I'm guessing there will be a mini USB and RCA SPDIF input on the back of the final version. Look at this picture. The iPad is is feeding the JH-3A via analog line out using a TWag LOD cable:
What input?
The SPDIF input on the JH-3A is going to be RCA or 3.5mm?     I just bought the M2Tech HiFace for the JH-3A, here's my unboxing video:
lol, thanks.
I, personally, though favoring them over my Shure SE530's think they have a nasty mid-bass hump after hearing my JH13 Pro's. If you're going to boost the bass, go for the sub-bass.  
Ok, cool.  
For those interested in one. I didn't see one on Youtube so I thought I'd make one myself, enjoy!   Click Me
I can only hope.
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