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I'll say the Edition 8.  
I know what you're talking about. I think it depends on how it's refrigerated. The majority of the time I get one that is rich and creamy with no icy texture.
If yes what flavor do you like? I love Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream. Simple and delicious.
Bone conductivity as well as high quality miniature speakers.  
  The bass being more impactful could just well on be because the JH16's have more bass emphasis if you're used to the JH13 Pro's sound signature or never heard that much bass before. But, I love how I've heard someone else also said the treble emphasis and clarity improved without hurting the upper mids. Where sibilance lives.  
Great choice that you won't regret. There is a lot of hype behind JH Audio but, their products live up to the hype and more.
My JH-3A and JH16 Pro are going to be my home rig.
  You bring up very valid points but I've always wondered how much better multi-driver IEM's can sound if that crossover can just be taken out and placed in an external amplifier. According to the impressions, the JH-3A unleashes the potential of these custom-spec balanced armatures inside of our very own JH13/16 Pro. That right there outweighs the cons to me.  
Look at this picture, it's one of the ads on this website. For some reason I always pictures someone cracking the volume on the amplifier and playing rock music and she goes flying somewhere because of shock:  
That 3.5mm input is a special one. It can take in both analog and SPDIF digital.
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