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Hi, I'm trying to help new comers here who don't feel like looking for impressions on the JH-3A through this big thread.
Sold a GAME amplifier module to him. Fast payment and great communication. Great buyer.
I would rate them against your JH13 Pro?  
No problemo.
For anyone who doesn't feel like looking throughout this thread to actually find the posts that mean the most to the them " The Actual JH-3A Impressions ", visit this thread I put together with all of the JH-3A impressions I could find throughout this forums:
And man did it hurt.   But, yep, we've came to an agreement and I understood everything she had to say and respected it. Sorry for going way over the edge...
So far my favorite DnB song:     I'd recommend giving a listen to Bachelors Of Science, High Contrast and Nu Tune.
When I do have my JH-3A review up I will try to be as unbiased as possible because as I'm listen to my rig right now I find it hard how the JH-3A can improve. The capabilities of my rig are shown when fed 16 or 24 bit FLAC reference recordings. As soon as I hit play I'm captivated. Everything sounds euphoric as well as incredibly detailed. Going to where the majority of my favorite songs are ( MP3 256kbps +/- ) I lose some enjoyment due to how revealing my rig is and how...
  If the JH-3A beats my "Ultimate Portable Setup" than angels have descending from heaven and made a home in my ears.
I kind of favor McDonald's "Soft Serve" Ice cream over Haagen Dazs.  
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