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Yep...had that here, too. Couldn't pin it on any specific format/quality, though. Same problems with the DAC obviously, which is a shame...but i never bought it for that. Would be nice to have working...but instead they just shouldn't have bothered putting a DAC into the Jr at all. Linux and USB (especially USB3 now) can only mean trouble, unless you know exactly what you're doing and are willing/able to support it.
 It can take a good 3+ hours to charge for me. The display will change to say "Fully charged" or - if it's turned on - the little battery will turn a solid orange.
Not too much to know :)It is more tangly than other cables, so storage can become interesting. Keeping the plug and phones away from the bundle of cable inbetween usually helps... Soundwise - to my ears - they mainly helped with overall clarity. I didn't do too much testing back and forth really...bought these mainly for their thinness/wearing comfort.
I've got my 2pin BaX (long version) since August last year and i'm using it daily on my commute (sometimes in the office, too) and so far can't find anything wrong with it. I don't really treat it differently/more careful than my previous (presumably more durable?) stock nothing to complain about in that regard, either!
Please elaborate! It plays everything absolutely gapless here...
Thanks for linking that video!So that sounds like the Rosie will basically be the universal fit version of the new JH13 v2 custom (and vice versa).Makes me think more and more about upgrading my 5yr old 13s with the new version... :)
10hours 10hours sound about right in my experience as well. I use it daily on my commute and for varying lengths of time in the office. It basically lasts all day, although sometimes i have to charge it for a bit before going home.Recharge time from almost-empty is about 2hours i'd say...
 I just tried a few DSD64 songs and it seems to work fine here. What's interesting, though, is that you can see the little Jr struggling quite a bit playing those :) . The whole UI is way more sluggish/slideshow-y than usual...
I'm using 'Tag' pretty well for tagging FLACs etc on the Mac...used it quite a bit for fixing files for the Jr as well :)
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