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good luck ian! audeze told me to send everything, by the way...cable and complete headphone, but no case. i have the wooden box though, so that might be different. all in all it took 3 weeks to get them back (hopefully fedex will deliver tomorrow), but approx 2 weeks in that is just shipping :)   now i'm thinking about getting the T1 on top of the LCD2s...wouldn't wanna go 3-4weeks again without a good fullsized headphone again ;)
Thanks for the confirmation...makes me sleep better, knowing i actually didn't destroy a $1000-headphone after a couple of weeks of owning them :)
HA...same thing happened to me last week - right speaker went dead. mine are on their way back to audeze as well. is that a recurring issue, construction problem maybe!? i was blaming myself initally, as i thought i had played them too loud - but then again, not much louder than some times before...
i received my balanced silver dragons for my JH13s (terminated to XLR with 1/8" and SR71B-adapters) and my LCD-2 (terminated to balanced SR71B) yesterday. build quality is excellent, as is the sound quality. communication was always extremely fast and helpful also. nothing to complain about...heavily impressed with the whole process thanks drew!
last 2 times i wrote a mail to alex (info at audeze.com) he replied within a couple of minutes actually. depends a little on timezones, too,  i guess...
i emailed audeze about that and alex said to either mail in the warranty form or wait about two weeks for the link to work :)     Chris    
at the moment it seems to be about a week from pre-order to shipping...
thanks guys for the waiting-time updates! can't wait to finally get to try them!
fingers crossed then :) ...all i got so far was the auto-reply from the pre-order form. hope this is normal...
how long did you have to wait from pre-ordering until the please-pay-now notification came through!? just trying to get an estimate on current waiting times :)     cheers chris
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