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Hello, Made quite a research, found something for my price range. Also read various reviews, like cnet is praising cx 500, other's opinion varies, so I'd like you to make the judgement, which one is better in terms of sound/build/comfort quality?
New Monster Turbine High-Performanc​e In-Ear Speakers - eBay (item 150429284031 end time Apr-30-10 10:51:37 PDT) Just wondering about quality of these fakes.
So what about Cx 550 then?
Hello, Deciding which one to buy. If you can, please answer these questions. 1) Overall, which one is better? In aspects of Sound quality (mid/bass/treble balance), build quality, comfort. 2) Heard that CX 500 uses same driver as CX 400, so sound quality may be similar, so maybe better to go for these, if there's no big difference? Thanks for your time.
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