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Yay! I'll be there again of course. Should I attend in private or representing HEADSOUND?
Yay, my E12DIY (S/N 00044) has arrived. Looking foward to tinkering with it tonight.
Still waiting for shipping confirmation. Might have to do with my last name starting with a "T" though, should FiiO happen to send them out alphabetically. :)
Still waiting...
Just ordered one, I hope we get the required minimum of 1,000 pre-orders together!
Honest technical question: If you have an external DAC doing D/A conversion, would the transport have any impact on sound quality? I've often wondered that and I'm not sure if I'm overlooking anything, but I would have assumed that the transport is merely providing digital infomation to the DAC.
Hooray, I'm stoked! Will we have an appropriate source for the Auralic Taurus at the meet? I wouldn't wanna have to lug around a fullsize-CDP (which is nothing special to begin with). I only have one piece of luggage on the flight and - as mention before - it's too much stuff already. I'm only bringing portable sources too, as much as I would have wanted to bring the ZeroDAC.
I've already started packing my (headphone) bag and realized.. well.. I either need a bigger bag or I have to scale down.
* and losing to the German national football squad.   (sorry, couldn't help it..)
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