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Awesome! Thank you for compiling whatever information is available. I'll be following this thread closely.
Well, I might have to get a Cayin N5 now then and the Shanling M2 when it's released. I'm guessing from usual naming conventions that it's a smaller DAP than the M3? Would be nice to be able to compare the portable offerings from two Chinese hifi powerhouses. :)
What's up with white bookshelf speakers in the background?
Any more infos about features, price and availability of the M2? I'm in the market for a new DAP and had been considering the M3 because... well... it's by Shanling. I'm torn now, should Iwait for the M2?
Any updates on the Eros H6? The name makes it somewhat difficult to google. With Aigo's resources behind it, this might turn out to be a serious contender.
Awesome find, thank you. But unfortunately "International Shipping: Germany is not available"Isn't that ironic, a German being denied to buy a German product from a Korean shop?
 Can we be sure it's legit?  I love the MX980 and regret not buying one when they were still produced. I'm regularly browsing Ebay for used ones, but they seem to be really rare.
Thanks for the info. I'm currently using an 8 GB Patriot mSD. That probably doesn't influence battery performance much, does it?
much appreciated!
Sorry, if it's been answered before in this thread, but how much battery run-time do you get from your x2 playing FLACs in 16/44.1? I only get around 4-5 hours (using a 16-ohms audio-technica CM700Ti), so I'm wondering if my battery is faulty.
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