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I’m letting go of a few more of my items. Having kids – and twins to boot – is costly and takes away a bit of my free time. I’ve always taken good care of my gear, so everything is working perfectly and is in very good shape. Apple Ipod Touch 5G (32 GB). Comes with original packaging, including (unused) earpods. Used almost exclusively as a remote for Kodi/Raumfeld and other home entertainment system , barely ever left the house, in near-mint shape. Asking for EUR...
The CC51? I'm still trying to figure out who MEE's supplier was for that earphone. That was a brilliant piece!
I wholeheartedly agree!
Isn't Aigo also the company behind the Eros brand?
IIRC, the Pro/Pro X use the Sabre's integrated amp section instead of a dedicated amp circuit. I believe output wasn't the highest either, but regular IEMs shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks for trying!
The XD-05 has no problem whatsoever driving the Fostex T50RP with authority. Listening to the setup as I type. I'm on low gain and have the pot at about 12 o' clock, which is totally sufficent. Really nice, layered bass, details in abundance, clear vocals. I'm really digging the combination. It's actually pretty forgiving with sibilance. Mastering on Digable Planet's "Reachin" isn't the best, but it's really enjoyable with the Xduoo and the Fostex.  Like @ndburley said,...
Looks nice!
I'll try my T50RPs later tonight, if I get a chance. It does sound nice, is fairly resolving and bass through my Denon 1100 was really deep and punchy. Feature set is amazing too. BUT I wouldn't call it endgame. There's too much hiss for low-impedance-/high-sensitivity headphones and the combination of high output power and channel imbalance on low volume means that there's little room for (volume) adjustment on many headphones. I was hoping the XD-05 would be my...
Here's a setup you probably don't see too often on head-fi:   Tidal Hifi @ Meizu MX4 Pro -> Xduoo XD-05 -> Teufel Mute ANC headphones     DISCLAIMER: I work at Teufel, so I might be a little biased.
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