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I've already addressed this several times.  Clearly, the performers matter.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have mentioned it.  You classical enthusiasts don't know what it's like for a beginner.  You go on and on about which car manufacturer (performer) is the best.  But the beginner doesn't even know the difference between compact, sedan and SUV (etudes, concertos and symphonies).  How many times to do I need to repeat myself.  This is for beginners. BEGINNERS.   EDIT: ...
Yes.  Beginners.  BEGINNERS.  Worry about details later.  Do you not understand I'm trying to make this easy for beginners?  Classical music is daunting for ordinary people to think about.  It's a chore.  It's a mountain.  It's a nagging wife.  Stop being those things.   Good call on the TED lecture.  Added to first post.
Okay, since it's been mentioned a bunch of times already, I'll respond to the point about performers.  It's going to matter eventually, but not for absolute beginners.  You can't honestly think that a person who is absolutely virgin to this kind of music will know the difference between Perahia and Ashkenazy on Beethoven.  Like I mentioned in my first post, it will matter eventually but not for absolute beginners.  A big potential draw for classical is the sonic "wow"...
Thanks for that link.  Listening now.  I actually just bought a one day pass to the Berlin Philharmonic "virtual concert hall." The acoustics in there are just amazing.   
Nowhere did I say that I have the "right" to tell you what to do.  I said that I would "appreciate" it.  You know, because that's been common courtesy on message boards to stay relevant to OP's topic since, oh, the beginning of the internet.    I'm trying to give beginners a way into classical.  Only 2-3% of the general population listens to it.  There's a reason.  The classial music scene is full of uninviting, arrogant douchebags that always feel the need to...
This thread is for beginners.  I would appreciate discussion limited to that or else let it die. 
    Got my D-5000 and returned it.  It sounded like an upside down D-2000.  So those complaining about recessed mids might find the D-5000 enjoyable.  To me it seemed too similar to the HD-650 in sound.  Soundstage was not improved versus the D-2000.  HD-650 is more comfortable anyway, so the 5000 is gone.  No reason to try the 7000 at this point.  D-2000 FTW
I asked knowledgeable people about how to enjoy classical music.  Ask a head-fier.  They're very helpful.
Nobody is saying that companies need to be perfect.  Yes, companies run into speed bumps all the time.  However, it's also ridiculous to somehow blame the customer for expressing dissatisfaction when a company doesn't meet its promises.  Just let the customer rant a little.  It's actually useful information for other customers that have orders with the company as well.  And maybe, just maybe, the seller will be on its toes a little more. 
I think consumers have every right to rant and complain about sellers who don't meet expectations.  Some older head-fiers will remember when too much deference was paid to a certain Russian amp builder, lots of good people lost a lot of money.  I don't think I have to remind anyone how much those amps were desired within the community.  If that weren't enough, there were problems with yet another amp builder who didn't deliver on goods either.
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