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A cable won't make a world of difference.If you want amazing sound, start with modding.
I bought a BTG-audio 8 strand which I hardwired.
Dark Star only gets mentioned in jokes.
I would say around the same level but is a bit better. This was the first amp that made me say "wow! So this is what the HE-6 is capable of?!". You actually start seeing and feeling the music with this amp. Just a bit of a glimpse that it's real.Great amp for the price and doesn't do anything wrong. Bass isn't as tight as Rag since this is class AB with feedback, but it sounds a lot more real.
Selling a mint condition production HE1k. Comes with everything I got with it: box, manual, 3 cables. Has very low hours on it too.   Price includes fully insured ground shipping and paypal fees in CONUS. NO TRADES unless its a Krell Evolution 222 preamp!
 If you're willing to stretch your budget a bit, this is an excellent amp for the price: http://app.audiogon.com/listings/solid-state-krell-kav-400xi-integrated-amplifier-silver-2015-07-19-integrateds-77546-friendswood-tx--2 I've owned one before. Keep in mind that you will not lose any money when selling this amp. I paid $1600 for mine (black is worth a bit more) and sold it for $1600. That's absolutely the best part about buying used speaker amps. There's no way I could...
All my amps have been used. I highly recommend buying used as you get a lot more for the money. A good option would be to look at integrateds listed on audiogon.If buying new, maybe look at Chinese clone amps too. A Krell KSA-5 klone should be very good performance for the money.
HE-6 is comfortable to me. I can wear it for 3+ hours with no issues. I might take them off for 1 min just to let my ears breath a bit. I think a lot of people don't know how to bend the headband so it's the shape of your skull. If the headband is only resting on the top tip of your head, it will get uncomfortable because of poor weight distribution.
About the same in performance. A used integrated would have a remote though which is nice. I have no idea how any of you guys put gear on desks still.
Very interesting that you mention the 3-5kHz region. That's the major difference in sound between the HE-6 and HE1k. This bump is not a lot and means a world of difference in terms of engagement and immersion. I have a hard time believing it's driver resonance once blutack is applied; it would be the opposite if anything. A bit more 3-5k is always a good thing for me. Maybe you just like softer sounding headphones. In that case, the HE1k is perfect for you. Did I mention...
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