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 Both but mostly sound quality. I've heard the LC already, it does an okay job. Not a fan of Cavalli's presentation on his other amps though.
I wouldn't drive my HE-6 with anything of less quality than Rag. Even then I wouldn't buy a Rag because I'm not a fan of it.
Rag and above
Well you didn't mention a budget. Better to start from the top than the bottom :P Rag would be the safe choice, but it sounds very very flat in terms of image depth. If that's something you can live with, then its a good bet.
Krell Evolution 402ePass Labs XA30.8
Successors must be better. Indeed HE-6 is very special in many ways. Despite the weight, I wouldn't even say HE1k is more comfortable.
Fang also considers the HE-6 to be a failure too because of all the complaints about the weight, inefficiencies, and comfort. It had way too many complaints about treble etch because it was a product the market was not ready for - a time when Fiio amps were considered decent.
Don't need to remove the ring.
Take the driver out of the housing and wrap a very very thin noodle of blutack around the driver below the screw ring. Flatten it out as much as possible then push it back in the housing. Sorry forgot to take pics of the process!
Sealing the driver to the housing. Didn't think it would make much of a difference either.
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