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Repairs through HFM are very reasonably priced. I would take a look under the pads and grill to see what happened.
Maybe it's your USB output. Try a different PC.
You can buy sticks at any office supply, target, Walmart.You'll have to roll it into a thin noodle by hand.
Just printed out the PDF myself. It IS true to size with OD of 3.25".
I converted the template to a PDF for easier printing. Print to actual size of course!   http://1drv.ms/1GlXKGr
Just the pleather.
Funny because the 3-5khz area is where all the magic happens for me. Anything with a dip in that area would sound very boring to me. Like the HE1K.
Yup, trace and cut is the name of the game.
Yes of course. The 4 or 6 screws that the pads sit on hold the driver to the housing.
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