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No, it means the gain might be low. Power != Volume
That's not too loud assuming he's using the exponential volume curve. Probably still louder than what I listen to. I'm usually ~30 on my Master-1, but CAST has lower "gain" and I use replaygain.
Dang! Ridiculously long detailed review. Have to agree when I listened to the Code-X the last time at a mini meet.
HE-6 does beat the HE-560. See if you can find an HE-6 used and pair it with a decent amp. The Mini-X is not a bad choice for an entry level amp. It gives a taste of what the HE-6 is capable of - just a taste. If you have a preamp already then there are more options. Both of these headphones would be a HUGE improvement over something like an XB900.
The difference between using the Vegan pads and stock pads in the graph doesn't look that different. I purposely chose these mods to keep the FR as close to stock as possible while trying to improve soundstaging, separation, and imaging. There's a lot more to how a headphone sounds than FR.
Probably would.
Do you have the grill mod? That's the difference between it sounding amazing and total crap. Fuzzor mod without grill mod makes the headphone sound closed in and mushy. You should try removing the grills completely to give you a sense of what improvements to expect with a breathable grill. It only takes 5 mins. A strange observation I made at the LA meet when I tried Clemmaster's Lavardin amp; my HE-6's spacial image completely collapsed. My mods simply did not worth right...
The "before" blue line was measured last year before all the mods, the green line is with mods.
Ultrabike took some measurements of my HE-6 during the LA meet:  
 I was also in that room right across from Greed We were running 2 differently modded HE-6's on two different speaker amps. Mine was hiding under the table
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