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Used them for 30 mins at most.
You're sitting on my table at the next mini-meet! You will see how far ahead my HE-6 is to the HE-560   I don't remember if you compared both at the last meet.
Sounds a lot like the Vegans...
Focuspads are worth it. The sound quality is a good jump. It's not subtle at all! Way better soundstage and imaging, while the overall tonality stays the same.
If you're using Vegans, the post pads will remind you a lot of how the HE-6 originally sounded. Clean direct injection!
Differences between FocusPad A (pre production) and FocusPad (post production):   Comfort: I liked the texture of the original HE-6 velours (clear plastic ring) more, but these have a better fit on the head. I think the rings are a bit small but very tolerable. My gripe about these is the texture of the "velour", I'm getting serious poodle syndrome wearing these. And the inner lip for the pre pads touch the back of my ear so I find the post pads more comfy. All in all,...
USPS ahead of schedule?! Looks like the pads come in today! Will post impressions tonight after I get my new monitor setup
FocusPad-A or just FocusPad?
I should have time nn Thursday night to listen and write my impressions. But like all my impressions/reviews, it will be very concise.
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