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Would never pick those at their price points. Could get a Pass Labs INT30 which I'm sure you destroy it.
Liquid Carbon is not bad, but not enough for HE-6.   Better off buying a Crest CA2 pro amp for $200s.
Also been interested in the Pass Labs XA30.8. Mostly deciding between that and a Krell Evo 302e.
 Any differences in sound? You'll have to lift the whole driver out. It helps to remove the grill in the back to push the driver out. The driver is leaky because they used felt between that 2nd plastic ring (in your pics) and the magnets.
I'll probably do it tonight then. Blutack mod was quite easy as I'm not ham-handed.
I think Negura is right. By the time I realized it had a quarter foam, it was mostly disintegrated by then. Will eventually happen so you have to fuzzor anyway. Negura an I are working on a new fuzzor to be used with vegans.
Barely any difference. Wouldn't worry about the quarter foam at all. Go forward with finding new mods to apply instead.
I don't normally agree with you on things but I do for this. Well qualified statements.
Yes, yes it is. And of all people, you don't own an HE-6 which is really weird.
 It's a good amp for $600; don't get me wrong on that. Just don't expect some kind of god amp.
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