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Yggy with AR Limited and preamp
DACs don't tend to make a huge difference with HE-6 like they do with HD800.
Got a link to the transformer you got? Might consider buying gear that's 240v since the the Euro is so weak atm.
Better than the Khartago at this point yet? I've never had the chance to burn in an amp since I've always bought used.
I've asked. They will only repair them if they break which requires sending the whole thing in. Can't buy the drivers separate.
Bat fill? What's that? I still prefer the HE-6. HE1k didn't have what I was looking for.
The hifiman rings don't seal very well. Ditch them completely and tape the pads directly to the cups.
Have you ordered a pair of Vegan pads yet?
Not risky at all. I'm the guy who kickstarted all the mods for HE-6.
I've changed the way the fuzzor is done now. No felt on the grill but on the back side of the Vegan pads so the reflective pleather surface is covered up.Blutack mods requires taking out the driver from the housing. Also reversible.
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