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A good DAC in the 1k range will sound great. I think audio-gd does a great job.EF6 isn't endgame but it's easily beaten by integrated speaker amps in it's price range.AVC stands for autoformer volume control. Mine is a custom 4 channel made to my request. I waited about 4 months.
I've listened to the EF-6 a few times and always thought it was a pretty mediocre amp. HE-6 is not susceptible to changes in DACs. I'd say keep upgrading the amp.I heard their reference stack or whatever at CJ. Laughable at best. My rig completely smokes it at half the cost.
You're going to have a hard time finding all in one solutions while integrateds are plentiful. Don't you want to be able to pick each part of the chain? What if you want to use a turntable?
I don't see any real specs for the amp section. I would be wary.
Might as well try to get some new cups machined.
The room will be approx. 10x23ft. Maybe wider depending on if I can knock down the closet for another 2ft.
Yes, I'd say its a winner. I ended up returning it to the owner though as I'm mostly likely going down the route of Magnepans which requires high powered solid state. The EAR and both big Krells (FPB 300cx and EVO 302e) all have been very very similar out of the HE-6. Based on that, I've concluded I've hit the ceiling on the HE-6 in terms of amps. If I want anymore out the HE-6, I'd need a much better DAC or turntable.
I've been eyeing the 3.7i
You are right to be suspicious. I've been down that route myself with vintage receivers. I wouldn't go back to them. For those who only have $200-300 to spend on an amp, buy a used Crest pro audio amp and pair it with a cheap preamp.
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