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Easy to compare, just do it on one side only. You will be able to hear it.The link to the template is at the bottom of my post. Link to post is also in my sig.
Peel off the felt and place on a piece of wax paper to save.Just try my mods. You've been a stubborn one and in the end I'll have to tell you "I told you so". Quit struggling so you may hear the HE-6 at it's best. You took one step up the stairs and think you're at the top already.
About damn time.
20awg Canare does indeed have fatter bass.
Have you heard an HE-6? It punches like nothing else. It's sharp, hard, and fast. HEK has more bass that's rounded and soft although seemingly deeper.
 Listen to an HE-6 side by side and you'll understand. The bass of the HEK is not well balanced as in there's a lot of quantity yet doesn't seem to have the same speed and kick. In stock form, the HEK was one of the most boring headphones I've heard in a long time.   Anytime I mention the HE-6, I mean modded. It's a bit smoother than stock but it's kept most of its signature. I don't like a soft sound but hardly overbearing on the treble. You've never had a capable amp to...
Wall of bass effect (overbearing and not coherent), soft sounding, not engaging midrange, and lack of energy. Basically sounds like you're sitting outside in the lobby of the auditorium instead of inside.
 Amazing amps won't fix those issues with the HEK, trust me. I've tried everything I could before I gave up on it.
Not overkill since I feed mine double that.These older amps tend to need cap replacements so I would shop around and pay a bit more for a recently serviced one. Replacing caps will cost more than the amp normally.
Shameless plug: I have an NFB-7 for sale.
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