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Over here, noise floor not fine, therefore, 100 and 10 ohm resistors being used... Not that it colors or degrades the sound in anyway.
That depends on the gain. Power!=volume
I've read that it sounds a lot better with a separate pre, although that guy did use a KCT...
If the Benchmark doesn't please then the only logical step would be a Krell FPB.
 Good to know you found one! Sorry to keep you waiting but Benchmark just won't release their damn amp!
Like how they hope the HE-560 supersedes the HE-6 even though the price is less? Might as well hope that the O2 is the greatest amp ever made.
 So many headphones can't get the sound of fast attacking guitars! HE-6 is still probably the best headphone for that.
oooo  Looks like this is a piece of gear I won't have to upgrade for a long long time. Only complaint I have is they didn't use a knob instead of buttons...
 NFB-7 + Master-1 buddy! Have you tried other preamps? Did you also find that the Master-1 made music much more 3D?
Can be excited for you too! Keep us updated which I'm sure you will anyway.
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