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Template should fit perfectly. Amp would explain it.Agreed, blocking the back of the driver would probably collapse the soundstage.
Bright? You do my vegan felt mod yet? Covers the pleather on the back of the pad.
 I really never bothered with the original leather pads. Gave them a listen for 1 min and instantly didn't like since I was also a velour user. Leather has horrible properties for sound (reflective). The big differences you get from the Vegans is soundstage, imaging, and killer bass. The stock velours do have a bit more resolution, but the music is so bunched up from the small soundstage that it's hard to separate out.  PFFFF screw the HFM rings. That just causes an air...
I said almost the same thing 2 years ago and I wish I didn't. Those $80 is one of the cheapest big upgrades you can make. You're missing out on a lot for only $80.
Bought it. Will let you know if there's any improvements once I get it.
DAC, preamp, power amp.
Separates would be ideal.
 That was MY HE-6 you're talking about. Again, I'm calling that a subpar amp compared to mine.
You can already tell that HFM went the wrong direction with the recent headphones. It was obvious once you heard my HD-6 on a subpar rig at canjam - so much potential. With recent mods, the HE-6 has been elevated to yet another level.
There's your problem. You think the other headphones are comparable to the HE-6 because all you've heard is the LAu. I don't see an issue with a headphone needing more power, but amps not being able to provide. Luckily the standards has risen a bit though. There's something seriously wrong with the audio industry these days. Every damn thing has to sound overly polite and tamed - that is so wrong! I guess people prefer to listen to concerts standing in the lobby these days.
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