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I'll be waiting on your impressions
Rearranged my gear with my cheap DIY shelf:  
Was listening to the SACD version of Foreigner - Urgent. It was GLORIOUS!!! The presence and dynamics are ridiculous.
It's hard to enjoy the music when it makes my room uncomfortably warm...
Sorry to hear that.   For the sake of science, can you take pics?
 If that's impressive, want til you mod it! Interested in your impressions of the hifiman box.
mmm my mistake. I was going off a quote by someone else as I got too lazy to look at the spec sheet again. That would be 80wpc which should still be okay. The quality of the amp is a separate subject which requires listening to know...
Even with black background, it is still my intention to use resistors as I'd like just a bit more play with the volume control. I find the music a half step too quiet or too loud. I'm also thinking about applying replaygain to my whole library again so maybe that would fix the issue as it might just adjust it perfectly to the level I like. If not, I'll be using ACSS>CAST which has a different output level to XLR. I'm still waiting for my cable to be built and shipped to...
Your amp can deliver 180wpc @8ohm. That is pretty telling that the transformer is quite large. That itself is a good hint it can deliver good power for HE-6 already.
With resistors on the 400xi, I was putting in 0.1wpc. It's about the power supply.
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