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4 fans spinning at 400rpm (inaudible)Only SSDs so no moving partsFanless PSU Spent a lot of time making sure no noise would be directly made by my PC. It's the damn AC power which seems out of my control.
Luckily it only happens once in awhile for me. I'd go mad if it was as always like that.
Same here! When my PC's PSU start buzzing and clicking, the voltage out the wall is about 1.5V higher.
Awww crap, I've been reading the prices wrong. Okay that makes a lot more sense now. It's at $240 GBP which is 410 USD which is still a lot but is borderline affordable.
I'm not using a stock cable (BTG-audio 8 strand). It was a slight upgrade over the stock cable, but I don't have the stock cable to compare anymore and my ears are much better now. Toxic Cable's profile lists the Silver Widow litz at 445 GBP.
What kind of upgrade did the Silver Widow have over the Silver Poison? $755 for the Silver Widow is too much for me. Also looking at the Virus cable.
Go to your user folder and the downloaded zip file should be there. Extract it to your C: drive and copy the plugins (if there are any) to your Foobar plugin folder. Run the installer for the driver and that should be it.
I would have to get a new adapter too. I'm sure it would take many months. It seems that cable builders are getting swamped with orders.
Debating whether if its worth hardwiring this cable (BTG 8 strand) or should I upgrade. Looking at Toxic Black Widow (OCC Copper Litz) and Silver Poison (OCC Stranded Silver). The OCC Silver Litz cable is way too costly for me.
I hook mine straight out of the taps of my 300wpc (tested at 390wpc) amp. Again, make sure you turn on your amp first then plug in the headphone and start up at 0dB and move your way up.
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