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Hello at 300wpc!  
All of you guys are full of it. All DACs sound the same. They are just processing 1's and 0's.
If you're going to throw that type of money down, you could get a much better integrated amp.
Yup, the 445. People say it's a bright amp, but I didn't find it bright with either my HE-6 or Anax's HD800. Seems to do fine on modern recordings. Not sure how you rate Daft Punks' Get Lucky. I have not heard a bad sounding amp built by Craig. I would still go solid state for HE-6.
Yes, great sounding amp but not quite enough. Almost perfect for HD800 though.
Mobile is broken! Grrrr long post didn't go through.
Yup, a bit of trial and error. Luckily you don't have to be too precise with how much attenuation you want. Can just ball park it.
L-pad with lots of attenuation. For normal cans, you're going to hear some pretty annoying hiss without resistors.
Oh that Rube Goldberg machine? Don't even bother! Unlike that thing, an L-pad doesn't run the risk of blowing your drivers.
Could you describe the differences in sound between those 2 amps? Audio-gd tends to be smoother and warmer right?
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