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Yes, but not not posted on this site.
 Yggy and Krell FPB 300cx. Both are extremely dynamic and the Krell is as 3D as a solid state amp gets. I agree strongly with what both Negura and n3rdling have said.
People are that unwilling to mod these even after beta period? If it weren't for modding, I would shipped them back the next day. I had to make sure the box didn't say MidFiMan.
Better and worse in different ways. I wish I could easily choose one.
You can't treat the LCD-2 like an HE-6 since the LCD-2 acts like a semi-closed headphone. Maybe there is more sub bass, but the overall quantity of bass should decrease with a seal. I've played with the seal a lot on the HE1k in the past week. Of the pads readily available to us, I think the Vegan pads are easily the best.
On an open back ortho, sealing tends to decrease the amount of bass. I also expect the reflections off the "hard" leather surface to boost the highs too. Whether the quality is better I can't say because I never used the leathers. Overall, leather earpads tend to have negative effects.
I believe you get less.
Sounds like you were using the leather pads then? Vegans get a very good seal of sound, but isn't air tight.
No, are you sure you weren't using a toilet plunger?
I put some blutack between the driver and the housing so it has a good seal now.It decreases the bass by just a tiny amount but tightens it up too.Ran out of time last night to do it to the other cup. Not sure if I like it more so we will see.
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