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I have high expectations so it better not!   Do you remember if it was neutral, warm, or bright? I read reviews and opinions are all over the place. But I'm getting the feeling it's very neutral and greatly reflects the DAC.
I wonder the same. Like you, I love the the Sabre DACs Kingwa have created and I have a feeling this new amp would pair very very well. I really hope this amp sounds good, but I don't want it to sound better than the "new" amp that's coming in for me haha.
Damn it! I wish I looked more carefully on their site before I bought my Krell...still haven't received it either.
Never heard but that's a ridiculously low price for a balanced amp.
I just bought a used Krell KAV-400xi to go with my HE-6. It does 200wpc @8ohms so that's roughly 30wpc @50ohms.   I can't wait til it arrives! I can finally have a fully balanced setup and I'll hide in my cave til the next hifiman flagship gets released
If anyone has a perfect working condition Krell KAV-400xi please PM me.   Thanks.
I expected the Master10 to be the same as the Master 3, but with a built in preamp. Have you ever heard any of their headphone amps?
Master 3 sounds warm? I was expecting dead neutral. All the audio-gd stuff I've heard and owned have always been very neutral or slightly bright. I guess Master 10 is still not the amp for me then...
I'd hate to raise a zombie thread, but since this is my thread and it's better than making a new one, I'll ask here.   For Intel's upcoming Haswell CPU's, what would happen if motherboards only had USB 3.0 ports? Since audio only works well for USB 2.0 what would happen? I hope you are reading this .
Why you gotta do this to me? I'm still trying to save up for that Master-10 and reaching that goal is still so far away. At least I know I won't be disappointed by it when I do get it...
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