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Mint condition since I didn't use it much. I recently upgraded so this must go. This combo is very neutral and sounds amazing for the price. The speaker out is especially nice for orthos and even drives the HE-6 well. Comes in original box.   Here is a review Armaegis:   Price includes shipping within CONUS. Paypal gift or add extra fee otherwise.   PM if...
If someone is looking to sell a working condition TP60, please PM me.
Update since I've moved...
How would you describe the sound signature of the TP60?
Please compare thd Metrum Quad to the NFB-27. I was about to get the Octave a year ago, but I had my doubts. I've always been curious on how they performed.
Definitely agree that it sounds very natural, unless your definition of natural is warm.
Maybe in a few days. I don't write nearly as well as you and english is my first language. Plus my story is boring. I plunged right into the high-end within 6 months as an audiophile.
No need to post! I already looked your profile!   jk   Please write more. The journey is the beautiful thing.
So by using ASIO or WASAPI, the PC volume would be kept separate? Either way, I think if I ever had to digitally configure volume, it should be through foobar.   Through all these years, I'm hope I configured them correctly.   Thanks a lot!
No volume control on DAC.
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