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My stock cable is has been oxidizing from the Y split to the headphone connectors. One side is noticeably more oxidized than the other. It also happens that recently I notice the channel that is on more oxidized side is at a slightly lower volume too. That should make sense right?   Thinking of what a new cable I could possibly make on my own without costing too much - say under $150. For the time being, I'm probably going to amputate the oxidized section and use it...
  Under 800 rpm, Slipstreams are easily quieter than any Noctua fan.  Noctua fans can't be made inaudible, but have good all-around quietness - far from silent though.   Scythe Gentle Typhoons pretty much beat any Noctua fan so it's definitely worth trying.  Only down side is there is no PWM GT unless you are okay with minimum speeds of 1200rpm.   A good PWM alternative to Noctuas is the Thermalright TY-140.  If you don't believe my words that there are much quieter fans...
Moved stuff around my apartment today so you guys get a new pic  
Seems that Thunderbolt is finally accessible to PC users now and I'm wondering if Thunderbolt will be the replacement for USB?  Thunderbolt itself delivers 10W of power, so would that also mean that products like the audio-gd DI and the Audiophilleo (Thunderbolt successors) would not require dedicated PSUs for best performance?  Just from reading a couple articles, this seems like a much better technology than USB since USB has so many inherent problems for audio.
Swapped out some fans and changed a few minor things.  Now it is completely silent!!!      That is a Thermalright TY-140 and Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 on my Noctua NH-D14.  I say it does as good as a job as the stock fans but are much quieter.
i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz and a Gigabyte "Super Durable" HD 6850   SPCR is definitely a great place to start of reading up on silent computing.  Lots of simple and inexpensive mods can make a huge difference.
When my fans are running at low rpms and I'm not playing games, yes very quiet - even the gpu.  Once things get more intensive, things get louder but never "loud".
I can barely hear mine sitting right next to it at shoulder level.
I use very very quiet fans.  I also lower the speed of them when my computer is idle.  But even at full load, the fans are still not that loud.  50 decibels is kinda hard to reach unless you only have 80mm or 92mm fans.  
~20dB which is barely audible.  I expect it to drop another 5dB after I get in some other fans then it will be inaudible.  
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