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  Know any idea of what I can do to not have the reduced sound quality some others have experienced while using the HE Adapter? Is it from the use of low quality resistors or something?
Actually makes me kinda wish I came to this meet. I could have brought my HE-6, but I think I was cramming for a midterm on that weekend. If there is another meet within the next 4 months or so, count me in!
I did make my own! I just suggested snipping the stock adapter since elwappo wanted as easy as possible...
Or you could snip the stock TRS adapter that comes with the HE-6 and use that as the speaker adapter
Sounds correct. Except all my cables are terminated as 4pin XLR.
  I don't like how she answered my question either. 70wpc at what resistance?!   Well I asked her again so lets see if she can clarify.   Looking at all the great things nigeljames says about the Master-6, I would think the Master-10 would do even better. More power and pure Class A.   I'm also about to put down an order for the NFB-7.32 DAC Then try to get the Master-10 in the next month or two.
I got a response from Head Direct!   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Jason, Anything over 70w.p.c is too high for the HE-6 and will need the impedance box You can purchase our adapter on our website for $99 plus shipping.  HE-Adapter is a device to protect amplfiers and headphones when using a...
  Tube sound would be the last thing I want.   Sounds like X series would be more of what I like. Neutral and accurate is what I'm after.
The Icon2 does do a pretty good job! It's currently what I'm still using since I had to downsize on parts for college. I didn't want to move a giant DAC and amp!   I'm really surprised how good this small and cheap this thing sounded. You will need to make an adapter for it though.
That was my next question! I was wondering if resistors will degrade or change sound quality. Why would it change the sound quality?   I'm a quiet listener so I don't think I'll ever crank the volume dial much. I think the highest I listen on my Marantz PM-84 is about 9 o clock and I usually keep it at 8.   I sent an email to Head Direct technical support. Does anyone have Fang's direct email?
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