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 I found this in the "HE-500 mini-x thread" so I ended up using it:  Works very well for me and I didn't hear any degradation in quality. Resistors run cool to the touch even after hours of usage.
I'm using different specs with 3 ohm and 10 ohms both are 10W. Is it just differences in level of attenuation?
 Yup, brands state whether it's wirewound or not. Do you have any idea how many watts are the resistors used in the HE-adapter? Do some research on which brand of resistors are the most transparent. I used Dale/Vishays.
 Don't even bother with the EF5. Not enough power straight up.
 DO IT! Get wirewound for least noise.
I might have a friend tag along. He has never heard any proper audio gear before. I think it would be a fun experiment if we can keep silent about the prices of all our gear and let him rank what he think sounds best.
Sweet! Finally this comparison is going to happen! I don't think anyone has been able to compare both.
Do you have an OR5? I'd like a side by side comparison of my NFB-7.32 with your M7!
 I believe it can be any solid-state speaker amp.
 Why did you get an HE-adapter? Your cable has pigtails. Plus there has been experiences of coloration from that adapter.
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