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Another pic even though quality is horrible. My room doesn't have much lighting...   I'ts a lot of stuff to stack...
Initial impressions: The remote for this preamp sure is hefty. I'm pretty sure I can bludgeon someone to death with it. And for some reason I received one with 4 feet as the default is 3 feet.   The first thing I immediately noticed is an increase in definition. Everything is just crisper. It's like stale potato chips compare to freshly opened. Becomes more apparent as you keep listening. The other thing I'm noticing is the separation of the music; I can pinpoint other...
One pic for the time being:   Finally going to give it a listen!
You could use Audeze pads for Hifiman cans! Sounds better actually!
I'm still at work!!!
It's here. It's here!
DHL. Shipped out Monday morning. You got your new pads right?
Still on probation so sadly no. Impressions should be posted tomorrow night.
My Master-1 preamp gets here tomorrow!!!
New Posts  All Forums: