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I was just looking at that last night!Then I decided against it since it's an integrated.
I've also had this happen. Also retightening that screw isn't enough. You need to apply some epoxy to keep it from unscrewing itself too.
Restart the DAC. I get this once in awhile but I'm using older driver.
An even better amp plus some simple modding stomps on the T1. And I really liked the T1 too.
Fixed that for you.
Yes, their microsuedes. A trusted member here told me the 007 pads don't sound nearly as good as the microsudes.
Simply wishful thinking, borderline delusional.
My mods have not changed the flavor of the HE-6, they have simply enhanced them.
Some birdies told me the 560s aren't better than the 6. 6s still hold technical advantage like it does over the 500s, just less so. Plus, no one is stupid enough to charge less for better.
New Posts  All Forums: