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Maybe it isn't as resolving?
I think the other way around. Whatever the L-pad configuration is.
As long as you watch the volume knob you should be fine, but your Krell might have some hiss like mine so I recommend getting some resistors to attenuate that. Because my amp has a lot of gain, I have a lot of attenuation using 100ohm and 3ohm resistors (-32dB). If you buy wirewound, you will not get coloration or reduction in SQ unlike the HE-adapter. BTG does indeed make some nice stuff. The queue might be a bit long these days. If you have absolutely no need for the TRS...
HE-6 trounces the others with a powerful amp. Krell hits hard in the bass and great attack. You will love it with EDM. You won't be disappointed.
No, I haven't. I'd like to heard what they sound like though. I heard you're getting an F5?
I think it's odd to not try to get the best out of a headphone.
No love for my Krell?
Conclude once you've heard everything. Not many have heard a properly good setup that can push a headphone close to it's best. I initially thought the HD800 was a joke until I heard it on a heavily modded Super7 which easily blew away the LCD-X on all the other setups I tried at the meet. I can definitely say my HE-6 is better yet. Anyway, you have come to us with a closed mind hoping we would reinforce your current thoughts. We have tried what we can to show you what has...
Indeed bad marketing standpoint, but I don't think Hifiman were aiming for huge sales volumes on this can. That's what the HE-400 and HE-500 are for  Having heard a good number of setups, the best sounding were ones with the most commitment. Dedicated setups just for a single headphone with gear aimed around getting the most out of it. I see people with 10 different cans but not one of held my attention.
Hifiman claims the HE-6 needs a minimum of 6wpc to sound optimal. Take it up with them if you don't believe the HE-6 is that demanding.
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