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Updates on my repair:   I'm supposed to be sending it to pacific valve but it so happens that the warranty is voided since I'm not the original purchaser.  I think thats a bunch of bull.  If I have to pay for shipping I would, but I dont think its right for me to pay for repairs and labor.  ITS NOT MY FAULT!   what do you guys think?
Just an update on my static sound issues.  Kingwa believes it is a problem with the DAC chip.  Since mine came from Pacific-Valve, I'll have to send it over there instead.  As long as they have the parts for repair, it's actually more convenient for me.  Checked the price for shipping at USPS and its $100+ to ship to China!!!!  I'm under warranty (luckily) but they have shipping restrictions.
Aren't those mid tier at best?  You need to try a top of the line universal at least.  And they definitely don't all sound the same.  
2nd article didn't really say much.  All the gear mentioned does even add up to the 1k stated in the title...
I have an ideal all-around headphone and that's my HE-6.  It just so happens my taste and ideal sound signature fits the HE-6 perfectly.  I like nice mids with nice treble with neutral bass.  Anything more than neutral bass is too much bass for me plus I don't listen to all this electronic stuff a lot of ppl on headfi like.  The occasional rap is ok.  All I listen to is mainly chinese pop and heavy metal.  Double bass pedals are awesome but guitars are even more awesome...
It's a pretty solid hunk of steel, I don't see how my plastic lamp could ever crush it.  
I remember seeing Kingwa mention not resting other units on top of certain units because of electrical issues but it shouldn't be the case for my lamp.  It also weights 2-3 pounds MAX.  I believe most of the units available now have vented top panels while mine has vented bottom panels instead.  
  Actually I haven't!  That is worth a try though.    
Nope, didn't do that.  Kingwa told me to send it in for repairs.  He suspects where an issue with the DAC chip and needs a replacement.  
Nope, not yet because I came late to the meet.  They are still tweaking with the bass and fixing some other issues so it's not supposed to be in production for another couple months.
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