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Older pairs have 4 screws. Newer ones have 6. Not sure when the switch was made.
Switch to the normal felt. Stiff felt does not work unless maybe you used a little.
 Sounds like you used the stiff felt instead of the normal felt.
Fuzzor was important in that it made the image cohesive.
Completely remove the grill and all the treble comes back. Your description of the felt mod let me know you're still using stock grill.
Joel, did put an open mesh instead of the stock grill?
So there is no preorder date yet right?
No need to be so modest about your ideas. Not sure how much the difference would make, but I do have a lot of left over felt. What I'd prefer is to increase the inner diameter of the pads. I'd bet it would fix a lot of the minor flaws of the vegans.
Joel, interesting thought on the hard surface facing the driver. Is your Vegan pad different from mine because the underside of my pads are lined with pleather which is already a "hard" surface?
Depend how you attached the pads. I taped mine directly onto the cups while others insist on using the rings.
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