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HA! Sure when the HE-6 successor gets released.
Clemmaster and I are doing DAC swap for 2 weeks - his M7 and my NFB-7.32. Not the first time I've listened to the M7 but long term listening is nice. He's trying to see if the NFB-7 matches the Rag better. Listening to the M7 now and I think the NFB-7's bass punches lower and slightly harder, but with a lot less texture. Definitely a lot smoother sounding, great for vocals. The highs aren't as extended on the M7 so it's missing a bit of that excitement for me. I remember...
V200 isn't enough. Plain and simple. Good thing you passed on the EF6 too as it's a very very mediocre amp and that's as kindly as I'll put it.Seems like the Rag is a great amp from trusted ears though.Enjoy your HE-6. I made sure purplegoat did a good job with the mods.
Skip all the conventional headphone amps. None of them will do it. What you're looking for is something that can drive speakers. For $600, I'd look for a used Crest CA2 on ebay. I don't think the Mini-X can touch this pro amp. I've had one before and was very please for paying $300. The only caveat is the loud fans which you can disconnect. For the loads you will be running, I think it can run passive. If not, you could always swap out the fans for low RPM Noctuas.
My modded HE-6 is miles ahead of what the HE-560 is capable of on my big Krell. Others didn't expect that big of a gap before hearing my rig at a meet. I, too, hope the HE-6 successor is just as hard to drive. But most importantly, I hope it's a true upgrade over mine.
Audeze Vegan padsGrill mod - use more open grillFelt mod - apply felt on the driver grills. When applied together, this perfect harmony transforms the HE-6 to a new level. Others have listened to my advice and have had their minds blown.
 It's a lot more special when completely modded. Mine sound nothing like the stock form besides FR; it's a huge step forward. These thing's have ridiculous potential. An expensive downgrade...
They get the room hot and very hard to take to meets. As much as I want you guys to hear my setup, I'm unwilling to haul it out.
Differences will probably be there. Just depends if you want to pay for them. Besides the Master-3 or Master-10, I don't see any other amps performing at that level for the price. I'm pretty sure they punch way above their price too. Some nights I wonder if I could should have saved 2k and gone with a Master-3 instead.
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