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Most decent preamps cost more than what most headfiers have to spend. Yes, preamps are important and that's why I refused to buy integrateds.
How about an Accuphase C-3800 instead?
Snatch it up while you can!  http://www.ebay.com/itm/141968654513?rmvSB=true
I would not recommend Emotiva products in general. I much rather a used pro studio amp from Crest, Crown, Bryston.
You slipped while undoing the screws... At least it sounds the same.
Now why would you be using a screwdriver? Unless you're putting the screws back in there should be no reason.
That explains the brightness issue. Leather is very reflective which means a lot of etch. If you can, I'd apply adhesive felt on the inner diameter or basically any surface in the "tunnel".
I'm pretty sure the blown drivers were self inflicted. Only know of a hand full of blown drivers. The cable isn't a big issue and could hardwire later.Told you early on the meowmeow2 doesn't have enough power...
That is a very outdated review during a time when people had very little understanding of this headphone. HE-500 cannot touch HE-6 at all.
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