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I terminate all my stuff in 4pin XLR. Use an adapter from there. I might actually be switching cables soon too. We will see...
Agreed, why do people remove cables? Mine have been hardwired for years.
You're going to have a really hard time finding small form factor gear unless you go for the good Class D stuff. I wouldn't recommend any of the amps you mentioned. You need to check audiogon.
A lot of the preamps that come with a cheap integrated is pretty crap anyway. I'd say it's hard to do worse.
 Always try to buy used. You get more performance for what you pay.
Not saying it's immune to different DACs but changes aren't nearly as obvious compared to using HD800.EF6 is still quite far from sounding amazing so he should upgrade that first.
A good DAC in the 1k range will sound great. I think audio-gd does a great job.EF6 isn't endgame but it's easily beaten by integrated speaker amps in it's price range.AVC stands for autoformer volume control. Mine is a custom 4 channel made to my request. I waited about 4 months.
I've listened to the EF-6 a few times and always thought it was a pretty mediocre amp. HE-6 is not susceptible to changes in DACs. I'd say keep upgrading the amp.I heard their reference stack or whatever at CJ. Laughable at best. My rig completely smokes it at half the cost.
You're going to have a hard time finding all in one solutions while integrateds are plentiful. Don't you want to be able to pick each part of the chain? What if you want to use a turntable?
I don't see any real specs for the amp section. I would be wary.
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