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 The EF6 is supposed to be a pretty mediocre amp. Not surprised if it didn't wow you. Actually the HE-6 generally doesn't have that wow factor, but it just does everything so well (details, imaging, texture, etc) it surpassed almost all the other headphones.
This is truly the high end thread of Summit-Fi!
It would make a bigger difference than spending $80 on anything else. Actually it will be the cheapest, big upgrade you'd ever make.
Listen more carefully and you'll notice the huge difference in imaging and separation.
The 400xi has a mode to bypass the pre to work as a power amp so I can use the Master-1 with it. Oh man I wish!
 Interesting observations. I had a very similar experience with a Crest CA2 power amp I recently bought just to try. Crest was also very good for the money I paid too. Now to find a buyer for the Crest and the Krell KAV-400xi.
 I will make sure to write down all the details on their differences and make sure to say how awesome my current one compares.   It's what I've been worrying about! I'll be taking the Master-1 and demand Clemmaster or Purrin provide their DACs.  But for the time being, I'm trying to figure out where to place it in my room... This will also be a very hot summer and a very cozy/stuffy win-tah.
Yup, just for the HE-6. I've always wanted to go all the way. My KAV-400xi will probably go up for sale in 1-2 weeks.
INCOMING!!!   Krell FPB 300cx  
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