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Yes, their microsuedes. A trusted member here told me the 007 pads don't sound nearly as good as the microsudes.
Simply wishful thinking, borderline delusional.
My mods have not changed the flavor of the HE-6, they have simply enhanced them.
Some birdies told me the 560s aren't better than the 6. 6s still hold technical advantage like it does over the 500s, just less so. Plus, no one is stupid enough to charge less for better.
 As long as Hifiman can produce a better driver, I'm sure it is definitely possible. With the cheap hacks/mods I've done to my HE-6, it's already so much better than stock.
I don't remember it sounding more distant. I just noticed that the mids were very engaging on the M7. I think tonality was the wrong word to use while pitch is better. The NFB-7.32 is more airy, spacious, crisp, and placed sounds better. The M7 just had the most textured mids of any DAC I've ever heard - heavenly. Side by side, the NFB-7.32 seemed a bit flat when we know it is far from that. I only compared both with the OR5 via coax as we didn't have the right I2S cable...
So much hyper-optimism in this thread...
When I compared the M7 to my NFB-7.32 when both were paired with an OR5, the M7 came ahead in most apsects. The midrange and bass texture is just surreal on the M7. But from what I understand, without the OR5 the M7 wouldn't be ahead. M7 is lively engaging sound like Sabres, but has a different tonality.
Come join us Vegans, we have poodles
And the sound?
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