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LOL! I completely forgot I had a friend coming up from San Diego! Too bad that group of friends don't have two schiits about audio. I'll probably end up staying til 3 at most. Anyway, you lucked out on helping me carry gear!
HARDWIRE   Anyway, I got the fat man downstairs to put into my car for tomorrows meet! The feeling of my back popping back into place when stretching felt pretty amazing.
That's the day I'll get myself banned.
We damn hope so!
I already have a sprained lower back. So I'll probably take up the idea.
Silent One, if you want to give my rig a listen, come to the LA meet this Saturday!
I'm down to come. Clemmaster and I agreed to share a table.   Gear: HE-6 Audio-gd NFB-7.32 Master-1 Krell FBP-300cx
Now tell us how you did it?! I'm interested in the PSU portion the most.
Holy crap! I was staring at it for awhile figure out which DAC had 4 R-core transformers! That is pretty damn cool!
But but but.... 
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