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You don't have to sit on that plateau. Modding is cheap and improves the HE-6 immensely. It fixes the soundstage issue too. No one that's modded their HE-6 can go back to stock.
Welcome to hear the first layer of what an HE-6 is capable of. What you have there is a pro audio amp. I recommendeded people to get a Crest CA2 which could be easily bought used for less than $200. Should be similar to your Crown, but with more power. Still there will be skeptics and what not, but I've stopped giving a crap about those people.
You're telling me your Rag doesn't have wireless output?
Rag is very slightly better. The preamp section in the Rag beats that of the KAV-400xi but Krell has a remote. Remote is really important for me but it might not be for others. KAV-400xi does space a little better, but it's weakness is the dispersive bass. Also the KAV-400xi has a highish noise floor that's easily fixed by using resistors on the output. If you don't need remote volume control, try to find a used Rag and sell the KAV-400xi. If you want a real upgrade,...
Rag is very 2D compared to my Krell. Missing that spacial realism.
I take back what I said! I'm keeping my Krell!   Rag is great for $1600 though. You won't find anything better from under $2000 and that's including stuff in the used market.
 Lyr is not enough for HE-6. I had a chance to demo it when it barely came out and it was disappointing to say the least when hypetrain was going at full speed. I don't know how many times I have to repeat this until people get it in their heads; it's not about the output power but the power reserve/transformer that makes the HE-6 shine. My 300wpc Krell cranks out ~45wpc @50ohms, but I can chop that down to 0.1wpc with resistors and it would sound the same (better than any...
Came across my mind once but I don't have another pair of XLRs.
 Finally getting some quiet, serious listening time with Rag and Krell. They sound different when it comes to presentation, but I think they are tonally similar. Rag has more of an aggressive sound which made me think the additional slam came from warmth. Krell does sound more laid back, but I think that's because music is spaced differently. It seems like there's a lot more depth like you're in the same room being surrounded, but thing's sound a bit "hidden" and you have...
Find a used one of good condition and you should be fine. You won't ever find the HE-6 on sale new.
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