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Came across my mind once but I don't have another pair of XLRs.
 Finally getting some quiet, serious listening time with Rag and Krell. They sound different when it comes to presentation, but I think they are tonally similar. Rag has more of an aggressive sound which made me think the additional slam came from warmth. Krell does sound more laid back, but I think that's because music is spaced differently. It seems like there's a lot more depth like you're in the same room being surrounded, but thing's sound a bit "hidden" and you have...
Find a used one of good condition and you should be fine. You won't ever find the HE-6 on sale new.
I already know what I'm going to do. Mostly ranting a bit because I have to wait to get exactly what I want.
Doesn't work as the Rag uses relays.
There is no comparison for HE-560 and HE-6. HE-560 is a great headphone but HE-6 with full mods completely destroys it. Caveat is committing with a good amp. My solution to having enough desk space is to put a shelf next to my desk which all my gear and computer goes on. My situation requires a remote that can select inputs and volume though.
I need a few more nights of listening but I've sort of made up my mind. Only problem is no remote. I need a remote because of how far the shelf is from me...
The Rag is very good!   Krell will be up for sale soon if anyone is interested!
I believe its USB input but has many outputs with I2S being the best. Yes, it is $1300 with most people getting them for ~$1800 when loaded with options. M7 sounds pretty boring to me as is, but the OR5 really gives it life. It's not something people are will to toss money on. It's something I haven't come around to getting either.
Pairing the M7 with an OR5 transforms it significantly. Weaknesses of the 1704 simply disappear with an OR5. Without something as good as the OR5, I prefer the NFB-7 greatly.
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