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"The HFM EF6 since our was designed specifically for the HE-6 so it is the best" - 24bit from Reddit/s
Seems like you'll be getting the Xindak then?
I'm positive I saw a link to another forum of my mod thread get posted an hour ago. Somehow it disappeared.
 It's a fine budget amp, but it's not what I recommend when someone's got a way higher budget. The problem I have with it is that people were recommending the minix as if it were an endgame amp. For $500 budget, I recommend pro audio amps instead.
Stop recommending that amp! It's a piece of crap!
He told me he had something with more power with less money during Canjam. Maybe I heard him wrong but specs fit the Stereo 15 SE but the price is quite a bit higher. Here: http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649278045-first-watt-f6-clone/Pair it with a preamp and you got yourself a good combo. This amp does sound warm though, but so does the Mogwai.
Ampandsound offers a more powerful model at about the same price. $100 less if I remember correctly. I've heard the Mogwai and it does and okay job but why go for okay when you can have better?
$3k headphone won't sound like what I'd expect it to out of a mediocre amp either. HEK has had it's own reliability issues too. Have you ever opened one up? The materials used is laughable!
Btg has nice cables. I love the insulation.Since reached the summit, I've gotten a 2nd pair already. Also my amp can drive both in parallel.
 You need to bend the headband perfectly to the shape of your head. Once you get this down, it's one of the most comfortable headphones. Suspensions don't work when a headphone weighs this much because suspensions still create hotspots. Different production batches of the HE-6 came in different colors. Your yolks are mostly likely a different color from mine too - yours are probably gunmetal gray while mine are all black.
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