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 Got rid of the noise floor with resistors. The KAV-400xi has really high gain so the noise floor is obvious. Used 100ohm and 3ohm 10W Dale Vishay resistors. Would gladly send you the resistors I used for the KAV-400xi for dirt cheap. I use no resistors on my FPB-300cx which has almost no noise floor.
Those are some strong words. Stock as good as modded? HA!   A bit of a shame to not let me beta test as been a proud owner of an HE-6 for 4 years. It has been the only headphone I've owned during that time while have demoed many high end rigs that were able to take those cans to their potential.
The mods are all quite easy to do. Completely reversible. You'll spend less than $100 to do it all. It's just a bit time consuming. Soundstage will open way up. You'll get much more air. All the details are easy to distinguish. Stock HE-6 was as an overload in a crammed space that you couldn't absorb. Want to make an SR-009 + BHSE sound unnatural? Listen to my rig! Sucks you right into the music. Really dynamic sounding; I didn't even know what dynamic sounding was until I...
You don't have to sit on that plateau. Modding is cheap and improves the HE-6 immensely. It fixes the soundstage issue too. No one that's modded their HE-6 can go back to stock.
Welcome to hear the first layer of what an HE-6 is capable of. What you have there is a pro audio amp. I recommendeded people to get a Crest CA2 which could be easily bought used for less than $200. Should be similar to your Crown, but with more power. Still there will be skeptics and what not, but I've stopped giving a crap about those people.
You're telling me your Rag doesn't have wireless output?
Rag is very slightly better. The preamp section in the Rag beats that of the KAV-400xi but Krell has a remote. Remote is really important for me but it might not be for others. KAV-400xi does space a little better, but it's weakness is the dispersive bass. Also the KAV-400xi has a highish noise floor that's easily fixed by using resistors on the output. If you don't need remote volume control, try to find a used Rag and sell the KAV-400xi. If you want a real upgrade,...
Rag is very 2D compared to my Krell. Missing that spacial realism.
I take back what I said! I'm keeping my Krell!   Rag is great for $1600 though. You won't find anything better from under $2000 and that's including stuff in the used market.
 Lyr is not enough for HE-6. I had a chance to demo it when it barely came out and it was disappointing to say the least when hypetrain was going at full speed. I don't know how many times I have to repeat this until people get it in their heads; it's not about the output power but the power reserve/transformer that makes the HE-6 shine. My 300wpc Krell cranks out ~45wpc @50ohms, but I can chop that down to 0.1wpc with resistors and it would sound the same (better than any...
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