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Yup, upgraded on DAC a few months ago. I'm waiting on a new preamp to come in also. I have a rule of only keeping 1 of each item so I'll have a whole setup to sell.Using mostly with HE-6.
Yes, easily. I'm really impressed with the tightness of the sound and how it works with the superb imaging, staging, and layering which gives the music amazing realism and immersion. There extra clarity in the mids I did not expect from a solid state. I'm done with amps for a long long time. And who needs warmth from the sun when I got that in an aluminum box! This thing makes my room damn hot! First world problems...
The picture doesn't do this thing justice. It's absolutely gorgeous!  
Spec wise, it's not all that different from my current FPB 300cx.Just got my tracking too. I have no idea how I'm carrying it up the stairs though.
This is the one I bought: https://app.audiogon.com/listings/solid-state-krell-evolution-302e-stereo-power-amplifier-in-factory-box-2015-06-27-amplifiers-80020-broomfield-co?show_listing=true Just paid for it and waiting on seller to ship it.
Ugh oh...I bought another Krell... EVO 302e that is...
Nice finally meeting you too! I'm glad you enjoyed my rig! The next time you see me, the rig will most likely be very different. Possibly a higher end Krell.  The microsuede pads are sold by Audeze for $80. A bit steep but as you can tell the comfort and sound improvements are well worth it. Just hold off until you get yours out of storage.
Would never pick those at their price points. Could get a Pass Labs INT30 which I'm sure you destroy it.
Liquid Carbon is not bad, but not enough for HE-6.   Better off buying a Crest CA2 pro amp for $200s.
Also been interested in the Pass Labs XA30.8. Mostly deciding between that and a Krell Evo 302e.
New Posts  All Forums: