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Seems that you don't understand my terms here. The 2B touching the surface means it's a very acceptable amp unlike most headphone amps. It gives a good introduction of what the HE-6 is capable of.These $3k+ amps that give you everything are endgame amps. Keep in mind that my experience, standards, and expectation on what a superb amp should sound like are on a different level than you. My definition of acceptable might very well be your first enlightenment.If I call the 2B...
No Cavalli stuff!Once you start getting into gear at that price range, preamps start to play a crucial role also so factor that into price. At 3k you won't be able to touch the modern Krell and Pass Labs stuff yet. Yuhengtiger gave a favorable review to the Bemcark AHB2. First Watts are also a good choice if you can DIY one like an F5T.
I'm in no way putting down the performance of the 2B, simply praising how well the HE-6 scales. What I mean is that the 2B gives a good taste of what the HE-6 is capable of - good tonal balance with decently textured bass and dynamics. As you hear better and better gear, improvements come in trs of imaging, texture, dynamics, and separation - not exactly in microdetails. Headphone gear has basically been lacking these capabilities especially at their price points. I've...
You barely touched the surface of what they are capable of!
I see that the ACA boards are back in stock. Looks like it is possible to build them for $150.
The last time I checked, the ACA boards were out of stock on diyaudio. I've also been told it's possible to diy an F5 for about $500. If anyone is interested, I'm selling my custom Tribute autoformer volume control. Will beat the hell out of a traditional passive like a Goldpoint.
HFM adapter isnt needed for this.
 It's going to be a 2B with a separate preamp or with separate preamp unless you're okay with separate channel volume control in big steps.
 Get the Bryston B60 unless you already have a preamp. I'm not a fan of Emotiva either. Congrats on the 4 screw.
There are pics of how the mod is done if you Google "ohhgourami HE-6 mod".
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