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Probably would.
Do you have the grill mod? That's the difference between it sounding amazing and total crap. Fuzzor mod without grill mod makes the headphone sound closed in and mushy. You should try removing the grills completely to give you a sense of what improvements to expect with a breathable grill. It only takes 5 mins. A strange observation I made at the LA meet when I tried Clemmaster's Lavardin amp; my HE-6's spacial image completely collapsed. My mods simply did not worth right...
The "before" blue line was measured last year before all the mods, the green line is with mods.
Ultrabike took some measurements of my HE-6 during the LA meet:  
 I was also in that room right across from Greed We were running 2 differently modded HE-6's on two different speaker amps. Mine was hiding under the table
I'ts a shame that a vast majority of people didn't go into the last room on the way to the restroom. There was a lot amazing gear in that room. I'd say the best gear in the whole place were all in that room.
 HD800 with Anax mod 2.5 with Eddie Current Leviathan through Audio-gd Master-7 with OR5 (dedicated PSU+options) and a Wyrd. (It was a combination of Purrin's and Anax's gear). The feathery-ness is exactly whats wrong with the 009. The etchy brightness doesn't help its cause either. Something about it can't trick me that what I'm listening to is real. SR-009 can't trick me. Also fatiguing to listen for long periods of time. The imaging and depth is not there either.
New flash!   My HE-6 rig and another friend's HD800 rig beat out an SR-009 with a BHSE! 009 is the faster headphone, but does not have the same bite when it comes to guitars. 009 is also very etchy on a lot of recordings.   I truly do not believe that Hifiman and Sennheiser expected the drivers to have this much potential when they were initially designed. hard to get out of bed.
They're useless without a Master-1!
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