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Specs look good. Best if you get to audition it before you buy. As long as you can get it at a decent price, it doesn't hurt as you can always get back what you pay for if it doesn't work out. The transformer looks massive enough. I wonder how it does at imaging and spacial realism. That's what separates an okay amp from a great amp.
I have a friend with an A23. I'd rate it to perform about the same as the KAV-400xi I had. That's better than most setups already.
Have not heard an HE-6 on one, but I know Parasound is a quality company. You got a specific amp in mind?
No, it means the gain might be low. Power != Volume
That's not too loud assuming he's using the exponential volume curve. Probably still louder than what I listen to. I'm usually ~30 on my Master-1, but CAST has lower "gain" and I use replaygain.
Dang! Ridiculously long detailed review. Have to agree when I listened to the Code-X the last time at a mini meet.
HE-6 does beat the HE-560. See if you can find an HE-6 used and pair it with a decent amp. The Mini-X is not a bad choice for an entry level amp. It gives a taste of what the HE-6 is capable of - just a taste. If you have a preamp already then there are more options. Both of these headphones would be a HUGE improvement over something like an XB900.
The difference between using the Vegan pads and stock pads in the graph doesn't look that different. I purposely chose these mods to keep the FR as close to stock as possible while trying to improve soundstaging, separation, and imaging. There's a lot more to how a headphone sounds than FR.
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