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HFM adapter isnt needed for this.
 It's going to be a 2B with a separate preamp or http://www.ebay.com/itm/Crest-Audio-CA4-Professional-Power-Amplifier-643-106-Rev05-w-Rack-Mount-Ears-/381678336518?hash=item58ddcd3a06:g:0E0AAOSwmtJXaZQh with separate preamp unless you're okay with separate channel volume control in big steps.
 Get the Bryston B60 unless you already have a preamp. I'm not a fan of Emotiva either. Congrats on the 4 screw.
There are pics of how the mod is done if you Google "ohhgourami HE-6 mod".
Oh here is the link to the exact same unit I own. http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=130933.0
 I'm not sure which one is the TAPX. I have the NOH which uses the S&B transformers, not autoformers like the Slagle. This is the same transformer used on the Music First preamps except mine is wound with pure silver. I know Bent Audio discontinued this one for quite awhile.
You asked for the best then give us that joke of a list?!Don't waste my time and your time. Buy a Bryston 2b off eBay.New preamp is amazing. Super transparent and won't be a bottleneck for a long long time. It's also full function with remote.My Tribute AVC will be going up for sale if anyone is interested.
Yeah, not even close...
Sarcasm, my friend. That redditor is deaf or dumb.Best setup I've heard it's mine especially with my new preamp. 2nd best is with an EAR 834 integrated.Basically there are a lot of "best" possible setups but they require a lot of money. Also must remember that preamps play a large role in how good a system is too. That's something that it's usually completely overlooked.
"The HFM EF6 since our was designed specifically for the HE-6 so it is the best" - 24bit from Reddit/s
New Posts  All Forums: