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Yes, the Audeze Vegan pads. They make as dramatic if not a bigger difference than the grill mod. The felt mod is the cherry on top that binds both mods together. I don't listen to classical at all so cans like HD800 or 009 don't have as much of an advantage (if any for the HD800) so that bite the HE-6 does wonders for what I listen to. HE-6 definitely does electric guitar better than any headphone. Does very well with 80's hits and Cantopop too!
Anyway, the point is that with all mods (pads, grill, and felt) the HE-6 comes very very close to the SR-009 in all technical aspects. With a very good amp, HE-6 has presence and dynamics that I don't think the SR-009 can ever have. The lead the SR-009 has isn't as clear as it should. Which reminds me, my close friend owns an 009 that I could probably borrow for an extended period of time. The hard part would be acquiring a Woo Wee.
You mean the EF6? That amp hardly does justice for the HE-6. It was a warm, sloppy sounding amp that was low res. Man I wish I could let you listen to my modded HE-6 on my Krell. And if only I could borrow your Woo Wee and 009 for my Krell...
 Vegan pads also do a lot for the HE-6. You'd be surprised by how much it opens them up. I haven't listened to an SR-009 in a long time, but from what I recalled that even though a lot was technically superior [to my setup at the time], it sounded ethereal/fake. It also didn't recreate that image like my current setup. I'd like to have the chance to listen to one with a BHSE to judge again now that my ears are better than they were 2 years ago.
Have you tried modding your HE-6? The 3 mods you can do for the HE-6 fix all the "complaints" you have and bring it to a much closer level to the SR-009.
Audeze microsude (vegan) padsGrill modFelt mod
Time to start modding. You'll realize it's not just a very good all-around; it straight up beats most others you might think are better in other aspects.
I'll be waiting on your impressions
Rearranged my gear with my cheap DIY shelf:  
Was listening to the SACD version of Foreigner - Urgent. It was GLORIOUS!!! The presence and dynamics are ridiculous.
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