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You might as well get a higher tier DAC if that's the case.
The differences are small enough that you should bother with trying to buying a new one. I2S is ever so slightly better than Coax.
What the hell did you just make me watch? I want those 4 mins of my life back.
Guy with the loose connector, it sounds like the but on the inside on the housing isn't tightened down. I've had this happen when I cracked the epoxy holding the nut down.
Waiting to get off work!
Looks like the only difference is the DSD CTR. I don't know what that is.
You mean the Rag? I've heard them together.
Just ordered a Yggy which I think is a better DAC but at a different price range. I've had side by side tests at meets already but I need a final confirmation before the NFB7 goes.NFB7 is probably the best DAC in its price range though.
I mostly likely be selling my NFB-7.32 in the next week or 2 if anyone is interested.
So I was right in that it's more of a side grade compared to the 400xi? Depends on your priorities of course. Imaging aspect is very weak on the Rag; something I can't live with either.
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