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How many times have I said to not use the HE-adapter for solid states?!
100% control but is quite messy. Emotiva products are mediocre at best. If it satisfies you, then all the power to you. You saved yourself a lot of money. For guys like me, the Mini-x is barely the aroma the wind picked up from down the street. My appetite is going but it didn't even give me a taste of what's truly out there.
100w vs 200w. Pretty much the same amp.
Had a Marantz PM-84 as my first speaker amp for HE-6. Had a fun colored sound but doesn't come close to the last couple amps I've owned. I suppose not bad for $400 though missing a lot of detail. My amp of choice around the $200 range might be the Crest CA2.
You speak with too much reason so he won't listen.
Possible though you might be one of those people who would benefit from using bananas instead.
Why even bother with bananas? Tinned wire ends - cheaper and better (unlike a lot of other things in this world).
I have many pairs of vegans so with one pair with the screen removed. I was able to trace it. I wonder if I could upload a pic that's true to size so you guys can use my template.The other option would be to do it in 2 pieces by cutting two parentheses shaped pieces. You don't need absolute coverage of the pleather, just the places exposed to the driver.
You speak with too much reason. Might be taken as blasphemy.
Can I get a car for $1000 that is faster than a modern Ferrari?
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