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Unscrew the cable; place one lead on the middle pin (little hole in middle of connector) and one lead on the outer metal of connector. Now measure the same way on the other cup.
 "If there's a new way,I'll be the first in line.But, it better work this time."  If I found out the HE-7 is just a modded HE-6, I'd probably get myself banned on here.
They better not release the HE-7 as a modded HE-6!
Ohm mode and measure at the connectors right at the cup.
Oh I know HE-6 does not change FR with impedance. I just wanted to put that up. I have more than enough power to drive mine too.
Finally got myself a DMM. Measured right at the connector. Just been measuring everything around the house!
Late to the game on checking but just found out my HE-6 are 54.1ohms on both channels.
You can bend the headband. That's exactly why you don't think its comfy. You can bend it so it perfectly follows the curve of your hand. I have a friend that wear his where it only touches the very top of his head and that bothers me a lot.
What's wrong with the fit? You don't like the headband?
How did you install yours? I left the original Audeze rings in for rigidity and taped the pleather directly to the cups completely ditching the Hifiman rings. I don't remember noticing any loss in details, but it did slightly de-emphasize the treble if you're coming from stock pads. I did my mods in reverse order to you so what is relative is different too!
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