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Poor soul! I did a cardboard cutout of the shapes I needed then just cut with sharp scissors. It did end up taking a good 3-4  hours though. Worth it but would never do it again!
The felt mod is extremely time consuming! It will sound better still with the grill mod. Soundstage will enlarge and the highs will come back. Might get to be a bit too much with the post pads for some.
Time to do the felt mod!
Have you done felt and grill mod?
Used them for 30 mins at most.
You're sitting on my table at the next mini-meet! You will see how far ahead my HE-6 is to the HE-560   I don't remember if you compared both at the last meet.
Sounds a lot like the Vegans...
Focuspads are worth it. The sound quality is a good jump. It's not subtle at all! Way better soundstage and imaging, while the overall tonality stays the same.
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