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Doing all 3 mods: Vegan pads, grill, and fuzzer. Only when all three are done does the HE-6 take great leap forward.
The fuzzer mod.
Off topic:   In an attempt to create more room on my desk, I have gone for slightly strange yet effective solution.     The empty spot is reserved for my preamp which I'll be getting back on Monday from repairs. Both pieces of gear are within arms reach for volume changes and input selection. And yes that is toilet paper holding up my DAC.     Been pondering of having a dual monitor setup but I had my DAC underneath my PC which took up way too much surface...
Has anyone jumped on the Benchmark AHB2 power amp before me?
Anyone else notice that ASIO sounds a bit recessed in the mids compared to DS? Or is ASIO actually neutral while DS is super mid forwarded?
No, speaker amp is the way to go.
THIS GUY GETS IT!  So many have tried to convince themselves a headphone amp was sufficient, but have failed to reach enlightenment.
After I send my pre to repairs and get it back. So maybe a month from now?
I have a separate preamp I never said I'm keeping both.
Welcome aboard! Glad you are happy with the HE-6 and hear what we are hearing too. Indeed so much resolution and feel.
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