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It's not bad when you buy a mini roll of about 10ft. I think I'll tin the wires before I even start to keep them making better contact.
Cardas with lead.
Hardwiring a BTG audio 8 strand 26awg cable.I mainly had cut the wire off but some snapped off too.
Have broken a wire inside before!Anyway, this is being done mostly because Preproman heard an improvement. If I don't hear an improvement then he owes me a beer. At worst it's a good experience hardwiring for the first time.If there's an improvement then I owe him a beer and my grin gets a bit wider.
I don't think my soldering skills are very good, but I've had to solder wire into that hole once when I accidentally broke off the wire. I got everything taken apart and prepped. I'll do the soldering later tonight.
Progress with hardwiring:      
I go to work kind of late so I tend to stay up til 2am regularly. Plus as someone who works 6 days out of the week, that's how I get my alone time - staying up.
It welded a grin to my face instead
Poor guy, recapping is going to cost as much as a hospital stay.Yup, FPB 300cx. Best amp I've heard so far, but it doesn't mean much. Haven't compared anything in its class yet.
Oooo I might have to look into this.Which Krell do you own?
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