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Bought it. Will let you know if there's any improvements once I get it.
DAC, preamp, power amp.
Separates would be ideal.
 That was MY HE-6 you're talking about. Again, I'm calling that a subpar amp compared to mine.
You can already tell that HFM went the wrong direction with the recent headphones. It was obvious once you heard my HD-6 on a subpar rig at canjam - so much potential. With recent mods, the HE-6 has been elevated to yet another level.
There's your problem. You think the other headphones are comparable to the HE-6 because all you've heard is the LAu. I don't see an issue with a headphone needing more power, but amps not being able to provide. Luckily the standards has risen a bit though. There's something seriously wrong with the audio industry these days. Every damn thing has to sound overly polite and tamed - that is so wrong! I guess people prefer to listen to concerts standing in the lobby these days.
Repairs through HFM are very reasonably priced. I would take a look under the pads and grill to see what happened.
Maybe it's your USB output. Try a different PC.
You can buy sticks at any office supply, target, Walmart.You'll have to roll it into a thin noodle by hand.
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