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Got everything for my custom AVC from Tribute all ready for soldering. Blutack mod has stayed on and many others have been pleased with this mod too. I've basically reached end-game and am looking at the next frontier - speakers.
I cut the tape into smaller sections so I only cover the inner diameter on the leather part that way it doesn't pick up dust.
Less sticky is still more than enough to keep the pads on. Pat it on a t shirt like 5-10 times.
You guys need to get some lint onto the tape to make it less sticky! Stick and pull off a T-shirt a few times.
I won't be able to make it.
I remember there being slightly better clarity. I'll have to swap my pads to see. I have a pair without screens as you can see in that pic. It was brighter but maybe due to the reflections of not having felt at the time.
Told ya!
Hard to imagine anything sound shill on a Leben. HAHAHA
RSA Dark Star or Woo?  Can get an amazing amps at the price like the Pass INT30A, Krell FPB 300cx, and many more. Only solid state headphone amps make the HE-6 sound shrill. I have yet to hear a solid state power amp do that.
I remember now. I purposely made the outer diameter smaller since it only needs to cover a bit past the back lip. The inner diameter matters the most.
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