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If you have a the funds, dive right into speaker amps! And if you don't mind single ended then maybe a Precision 2?
You b@$t*rd! I guess I'll have to hardwire mine too. I can probably do it myself with relative ease by reusing the cable I'm using now. The question is how to make the strain relief work.
 If the HE-500 is amazing, the HE-6 is better.
I had a vintage Marantz PM-84 which seemed pretty expensive for its time. Great sounding amp but wasn't cutting it for me in terms of resolution so I'll generalize and say that amps of that time would have some similar properties.
If you consider an amp from 2006 as vintage then sure. If it's from the 70's or 80's then I think there would be a lot of roll off. Also generalizing a lot here.
Had no plans to go to that meet. I think I will only bring gear for mini-meets. Or even better is we meet at your house (you seem to be right in the middle) on a Sunday when I don't work. Maybe Silent One could come and we have a 3 way, big amp shootout.
Not having tried the three mods with the HE-560, it's hard to say how much the sound could be transformed. I would assume it would have similar improvements. Having driven both through my baby Krell during a mini-meet the HE-560 definitely sounded very good, but it's clearly a step below a stock HE-6 although a lot of people liked the HE-560 more.   Having driven my HE-6 through many different speaker amps, I can say that speaker amps provide a sense of presence that no...
Awaiting impressions!
FUNNY! I'm waiting for my laundry to dry as we speak. Too I won't stay up late enough to catch the Hungarian GP.
Got my windows wide open. If the neighbors across the street were awake, they would see me in my boxers. Listening to the Foreigner - 4 SACD rip.
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