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Just printed out the PDF myself. It IS true to size with OD of 3.25".
I converted the template to a PDF for easier printing. Print to actual size of course!   http://1drv.ms/1GlXKGr
Just the pleather.
Funny because the 3-5khz area is where all the magic happens for me. Anything with a dip in that area would sound very boring to me. Like the HE1K.
Yup, trace and cut is the name of the game.
Yes of course. The 4 or 6 screws that the pads sit on hold the driver to the housing.
Remove the rear grill first. You'll be able to gently push out from that side. You might have a bit of glue around the 4 or 6 screw retaining ring so you might have to break the glue off. Be careful not to lift too far off as you will break off the wires to the driver.
Looks like it's there to dampen vibration?   I don't have any rubber strips around so I'll give it a try with blutack.
Got a pic?
Do it on one side first.
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