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@Music Alchemist, where's your HE-6?
You do the blutack mod yet?
Just use blue loctite then. Keeps it from coming loose but will come off with medium force.
Because Gumby sounds better. Gumby should exceed Master-7. And Master-11 might lack reserve power.
Might as well get a Master-10 instead.
Would obviously recommend the Master-1 if you can afford it. Be sure to get an ACSS cable made!  This is the LEMO connector you will need: http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=FGG.1B.304.CLAD52Zvirtualkey64510000virtualkey736-FGG1B304CLAD52Z
Would be better with the lower gain since lower noisefloor. That's the way I would have ordered it.
Means you shouldn't ever turn it off!
 Holy crap that's an amazing price!
Trying to enjoy my long weekend out of town with you pesky plebs asking me stuff! It's been cut out perfectly for awhile, I need to throw it on a scanner and get it done, that's all.
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