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I actually kept the stock ring that came with the pads! I figure it shouldn't make much of a difference but I wanted the extra rigidity for the pads. Do the felt mod and make sure you take out the cotton from the rear grill. Taking out that cotton and foam is essential for the HE-6 to sound good with the felt mod!
Have you tried removing the rear grill? And taking out the cotton? It makes it sound much much better. Felt mod was congested without removing the rear grill and cotton.
It's Creatology sticky felt from Michael's Arts and Craft.
Have you tried removing the rear grill along with the cotton?
Nice chair.
Actually thinking about putting more dampening in the front. The more open grills will come later.
It's ever so slightly thicker than the stock felt that lines the driver. If you can find that, then you're good.
I recycled the first picture and the 2nd one with the rear popped off only took me 30 secs Popping the rear off only takes like 5 secs. There are tabs in the 2, 4, 8, and 10 oclock positions. All you gotta do is shove your fingernail from the outer part of the ring and give it a soft push inward and a tab will just pop off. DO NOT PUSH FROM THE INNER CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE RING! Just give it a quick try and you'll hear an immediate difference! Yup, that's the felt! It only...
I don't really want to type all this up...but for the sake of science...   +     Line the magnets of the driver with adhesive felt (Creatology sticky felt from Michael's) then pop open the grill in the back, and take out the cotton and foam pad.   The felt is supposed to absorb reflections that come off the ear to minimize destructive and constructive interference. Without removing the cotton and foam in the back, I got slightly forwarded mids, but a dip in the...
Finished doing the mod! It's what I was expecting! Removing the cotton and foam and using felt works!!!   The bass goes deeper and became tighter. The mids are more forward, but it didn't loose that signature treble!. Soundstage seems to have increased a bit more and has more airiness. Overall the tonality hasn't changed but certain aspects improved.
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