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Hard to imagine anything sound shill on a Leben. HAHAHA
RSA Dark Star or Woo?  Can get an amazing amps at the price like the Pass INT30A, Krell FPB 300cx, and many more. Only solid state headphone amps make the HE-6 sound shrill. I have yet to hear a solid state power amp do that.
I remember now. I purposely made the outer diameter smaller since it only needs to cover a bit past the back lip. The inner diameter matters the most.
Template should fit perfectly. Amp would explain it.Agreed, blocking the back of the driver would probably collapse the soundstage.
Bright? You do my vegan felt mod yet? Covers the pleather on the back of the pad.
 I really never bothered with the original leather pads. Gave them a listen for 1 min and instantly didn't like since I was also a velour user. Leather has horrible properties for sound (reflective). The big differences you get from the Vegans is soundstage, imaging, and killer bass. The stock velours do have a bit more resolution, but the music is so bunched up from the small soundstage that it's hard to separate out.  PFFFF screw the HFM rings. That just causes an air...
I said almost the same thing 2 years ago and I wish I didn't. Those $80 is one of the cheapest big upgrades you can make. You're missing out on a lot for only $80.
Bought it. Will let you know if there's any improvements once I get it.
DAC, preamp, power amp.
Separates would be ideal.
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