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I heard there's a company coming out with an ultra high end amp for HD800 too! Looks like this: Reviews say it sounds really organic
Were you listening to them out of a potato and ear of corn? Only way I can see the LCD-3 or HD700 ever being better.
 Heard a Spectral + Rag + HD800 combo. That sounded very good. You nailed the way the Rag sounds with the HE-6!
When I get to do a comparison. Most likely  buying one once it can be preordered (without that amp they're trying to bundle).
Quote: Goodness, you actually bought one. You could almost buy my Krell that kind of money.
Please tell me calling the Dark Star high-end was sarcasm!
Pads don't rotate if you tape them directly to the cups.
Remove the grill and the highs come back with Vegans.
 No need to do any of the other mods?!  HA!  Those words you will regret.
Let me rephrase my question. How real does the music sound? My Krell is so damn 3D, I get completely lost in the music. Solid, right there!
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