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41kg by itself. 49kg when it's box and carried to meets. Definitely not fun to carry around. I always request that someone help me so I don't injure myself. I carried it boxed all by myself across my driveway on the first day I got it - instant regret.
That's a lot less vulgar.
I want to say something but I probably shouldn't. Not pleasant words...
If it really sounded that good out of an EF-6, it must be even better.
Why you even bother?
I heard there's a company coming out with an ultra high end amp for HD800 too! Looks like this: Reviews say it sounds really organic
Were you listening to them out of a potato and ear of corn? Only way I can see the LCD-3 or HD700 ever being better.
 Heard a Spectral + Rag + HD800 combo. That sounded very good. You nailed the way the Rag sounds with the HE-6!
When I get to do a comparison. Most likely  buying one once it can be preordered (without that amp they're trying to bundle).
Quote: Goodness, you actually bought one. You could almost buy my Krell that kind of money.
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