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Copied from the other thread:   Direct comparison with modded HE-6 and HE1k:     Listening through Yggy > audio-gd Master -1 preamp > Krell FPB 300cx.   Like the new headband design compared to HE-6, plus the thing is much much lighter. I like the size (L x W, diameter) of the cups but dislike the shallowness (ear touches the driver side) and the velour material (woolly and makes my ears itchy). I don't like the sleeving on the cable either, but I think most of us...
Whoa whoa whoa. You guys are making sound like I just mutilated Fang's first born son.
 I had the same reaction! Did I take off too much bass? I used foam that was less dense than yours and left more of a gap. Move the pads a bit lower by centering it according to the magnet. There seems to be a fine balance between how much opening there should be. I've also got some other ideas right now but don't have the materials to try yet.   Squeeze the edge starting from the 3 or 9 oclock and slowly work your way from there. Be careful not to break any tabs. Yes,...
If anyone wants to see how the pads are attached: http://www.head-fi.org/t/761919/hifiman-flagship-headphone-he1000-beta-testing-opportunity-closed-and-shipping/1455#post_11611278
Cats out of the box!       There's no trick to attaching the pads. Just use double sided tape. Too lazy to post a new pic but I've added some foam to the gap on the bottom where the pads don't cover. It fixes the mid bass boost from the air gap.
 Thanks for the heads up!  I predict the 009 would sound better with Vegans too. I'm not a fan of any of Audeze's headphones but they seemed to have put a lot of thought into this earpad. Or stumbled upon it by accident... Does the HE-6 with Vegans sound metallic to you? I think the HE1k is very easy to listen to. I find the 009 more "uncomfortable" with its impactful but ethereal bass which is how the HE1k is stock.
 3-5 out of 99 steps with HE1k. Normally listen between 11-14 steps of 99 with HE-6
I've tried listening to onboard sound from motherboard and the bass got muddy with fatigue. There might have been a weird peak somewhere in the highs too.   This headphone isn't meant to be run out of any portable rigs. Continue amping this out of your HE-6 amps; this isn't a pair of Grados. Looking at you guys with Hugos!
Anyone who loves the HE-6 will love the HE1k more after mods. I don't hear the aggressive highs you are talking about and I have a very neutral setup with practically infinite power. It must be the setup you heard it on.
Just whine and annoy the pads; they will eventually install themselves at this rate.
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