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Another great thread by jerg!
Thanks for writing that up! Agreed that the my DAC lacks that liquidness in the mids and that amazing bass texture the M7 has. M7 is too damn good in that respect! Been pondering about getting an OR5 or separates; this confirms that separates might be the better way to go.
Purrin, from memory, approximately where would you rank my DAC? I know the comparison was super brief but your ears are damn good.
Thick felt doesn't sound good though. The "default" felt seems to give the best results.
Plus it's extremely hard to cut the felt with a blade. Scissors seems like the "easiest" way but it's still a pain. If a lot of people want to do the felt mod, I say it's viable to buy a "printer" that would automatically cut the felt for us. It's not all that pricey but it would require that 15-20 people want felt cut for them for like $20 shipped.
If I remember correctly (which doesn't mean much now), the treble were a bit toned down. It's almost unnoticeable so I didn't bother putting it back since mine disintegrated... The felt mod affects the sound a lot more than that piece of foam would. Actually the stock slither of felt that's under that quarter foam affects the sound more.
The foam isn't shown because it was taken off. Just peel slowly in case you want to put it back on.And why isn't your driver gold?
Guyyss, STAHHHPPPP!!!!   I was playing around with my resistors on my Krell a couple days since you got me all paranoid about the wattage values. Like many here, I use resistors to silence the audible noise floor of my amp.   Straight out of the taps, I get ~30wpc, with 100ohm and 3ohm resistors I get ~0.17wpc. A/Bing both constantly expecting some sort of difference, I HEARD NO DIFFERENCE! I tried going back and forth for an hour trying to hear a difference! Doing a...
This meet sounds fun. Hopefully I would have slightly different gear by the time this rolls around. Hopefully that [amp] will be more monstrous!
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