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Using 100 and 10 ohm resistors here. I'm surprised you don't hear the noise floor without resistors. Out of my NFB-7.32 (5V output), I have to set the Krell at 2-3 out of 150. Any higher than that was too loud for me so I'm guessing you listen at a higher volume than me which lets the music mask the noise floor. With music stopped, it should be really obvious.
Haven't tried the V200, but a simple "no" is most likely the right answer. Excluding Class D amps, if it doesn't have a large transformer then it cannot handle the HE-6.
I heard them both on different setups sadly.
New pads thanks to jorg
I'd probably end up still using the vegans on the HE-6 successor.
Takes longer for you and me to type than try it out for yourself.
It only takes 5 mins to do and is completely reversible. Just gotta dig your finger nail into the putter rim of the ring at the 2, 4, 8, and 10 o clock positions and it will pop right off. DO IT NOW!!!
Take out the cotton stuffing behind the grills and it will open those highs right up!
Vegan pads here. Would not bother with other pads.
Life always seems to get in the way just as we get expensive toys to play with...
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