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Have you tried using the preamp out from the INT 150 for the F6?
I don't remember what any of them sound like stock.
You haven't heard any modded pairs either. Most of us don't talk about stock.
Don't know why you're wasting your time on headphones for plebs. You should be going for the Orpheus 2. Better email Sennheiser to reserve one. Tell them how much long term listening experience you have with all the high-end headphones and how you have 11k post on headfi. That should be more than enough credibility.
 So where's your pair?
I was looking at the Glasshouse TVC before buying a custom balanced Tribute TVC. I've waited a really long time for mine and still hasn't shipped. Transformer volume control (TVC) seems like the way to go
Play it safe and go with the F6. Better resale value.
That is tempting. I guess if he uses quality parts, it should sound fantastic. Also consider resale value as you can sell an F6 for essentially what you paid. I can drop money on gear as long as I can break even reselling.
Go put on a production HE1K and you'll realize how less comfortable it is compared to HE-6 with vegans.
You removed the grill, right?Got the sunset cable?
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