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 Basically I'm trying to tell both of you to keep an open mind.
That 0.000001% so happens to be the difference between sounding really good and sounding almost real.
I told you so...
The internal wiring on the headphone snapped maybe? Is the mini coax connector rotating freely?
With Master-1 as my preamp, I'm using steps 10-15 of 100 on exponential mode. Quantity of power does not mean everything here though. This section from Magnepans site says a lot: http://www.magnepan.com/faq#receivers If you guys think you know what dynamic sounds like, you haven't heard it until you've heard it with a high end speaker amp. Probably only the Master-10 or Master-3 are able to do that from their line.
Krell Evolution 302eKrell FPB 300cxKrell KAV-400xi I'd say the Master-9 and the KAV-400xi are kinda even. The upfront cost of the Evo and FPB are a lot but they retain their value extremely well so it's easy to enjoy. They take the HE-6 to a another level that headamps cannot do.
We few guys have heard the standalone Master-9. The past couple amps I've had blow it away. Not to say the Master-9 is a bad amp by any means.
Got everything for my custom AVC from Tribute all ready for soldering. Blutack mod has stayed on and many others have been pleased with this mod too. I've basically reached end-game and am looking at the next frontier - speakers.
I cut the tape into smaller sections so I only cover the inner diameter on the leather part that way it doesn't pick up dust.
Less sticky is still more than enough to keep the pads on. Pat it on a t shirt like 5-10 times.
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