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You attached them with a bad seal.
Blutack isn't sticky enough.
Heard the A23 before and it's nothing special, but can't ask for much at $720. So actually not bad at that price.
AVR might be a good option especially if one can double it's power when impedance is halved. Generally, speaker amps retain much better value. Yes they generally cost more but you lose next to nothing by the time you sell it. My last Krell was $10k msrp when it was brand new and I paid $3750 for it. Guess how much I sold it for? $3800 which meant I lost about $100 on shipping. I owned that amp for a bit over a year and enjoyed it every single day. Overall I paid $100 to...
My amp is also rated at 300wpc @8ohm. Best amp I've heard so far.For $1500, look at the Krell KAV-400xi.
No noisefloor using CAST. There's a tiny bit with my passive.
I would prefer not to use software volume control. I'm paranoid that it would reset back to max and kaboom.If you had to get an audio-gd integrated, the Precision 1 seems fine. I wouldn't settle for anything less in their lineup though.If you get any of their DACs, ACSS is worth taking advantage of.
I recommend going for a pro audio power amp at that price range. Do you have a DAC with volume control? That would make things a lot easier as good preamps are expensive. Used speaker gear is where the good performance is at, regardless of price. Check audiogon's solid state integrated and power amp classifieds.
There should be spare connectors in the box. Determinate the cable with the new connectors. When you find a nice aftermarket cable you like, I suggest hardwiring. I don't think it's worth the bother to return.
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