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Can be excited for you too! Keep us updated which I'm sure you will anyway.
It's hard to get the position right if taping directly to the cup so my tip is to tape the lip of the pads first then dab the tape on a t-shirt to make it slightly less sticky. It will still be plenty sticky, but will be much easier to remove if you positioned it wrong the first time, yet more than strong enough to hold the pads to the cups.
I personally would not even bother with the original Hifiman ring. Just take the flap of the Vegan pads directly to the side of the cups.
 Funny since I just bought one of these: 
Yes the microsuedes.
The plan to save room on my desk is a success! Very happy with the results and very practical too!  
Doing all 3 mods: Vegan pads, grill, and fuzzer. Only when all three are done does the HE-6 take great leap forward.
The fuzzer mod.
Off topic:   In an attempt to create more room on my desk, I have gone for slightly strange yet effective solution.     The empty spot is reserved for my preamp which I'll be getting back on Monday from repairs. Both pieces of gear are within arms reach for volume changes and input selection. And yes that is toilet paper holding up my DAC.     Been pondering of having a dual monitor setup but I had my DAC underneath my PC which took up way too much surface...
Has anyone jumped on the Benchmark AHB2 power amp before me?
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