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Yup, I definitely would say so.
Think about how sad it is when everyone walked by my table at the big LA meet months ago when I hauled my whole setup including my 90lb Krell. Because of space and weight, I had to put the Krell underneath the table hidden from plain sight. Actually, practically no one came into that small room that a couple of us were in. We had easily the best setups in the whole meet. Most of us brought more gear than vendors too! Yet not many got the chance to listen to the best HE-6...
I highly do NOT recommend getting an EF6.
Yes. Just watch the volume. Get resistors if you can hear the noise floor though.
audio-gd NFB-10ES. Was quite good for a little DAC/amp that was only $800. Was not dynamic sounding but was clean.
HA! Sure when the HE-6 successor gets released.
Clemmaster and I are doing DAC swap for 2 weeks - his M7 and my NFB-7.32. Not the first time I've listened to the M7 but long term listening is nice. He's trying to see if the NFB-7 matches the Rag better. Listening to the M7 now and I think the NFB-7's bass punches lower and slightly harder, but with a lot less texture. Definitely a lot smoother sounding, great for vocals. The highs aren't as extended on the M7 so it's missing a bit of that excitement for me. I remember...
V200 isn't enough. Plain and simple. Good thing you passed on the EF6 too as it's a very very mediocre amp and that's as kindly as I'll put it.Seems like the Rag is a great amp from trusted ears though.Enjoy your HE-6. I made sure purplegoat did a good job with the mods.
Skip all the conventional headphone amps. None of them will do it. What you're looking for is something that can drive speakers. For $600, I'd look for a used Crest CA2 on ebay. I don't think the Mini-X can touch this pro amp. I've had one before and was very please for paying $300. The only caveat is the loud fans which you can disconnect. For the loads you will be running, I think it can run passive. If not, you could always swap out the fans for low RPM Noctuas.
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