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I go to work kind of late so I tend to stay up til 2am regularly. Plus as someone who works 6 days out of the week, that's how I get my alone time - staying up.
It welded a grin to my face instead
Poor guy, recapping is going to cost as much as a hospital stay.Yup, FPB 300cx. Best amp I've heard so far, but it doesn't mean much. Haven't compared anything in its class yet.
Oooo I might have to look into this.Which Krell do you own?
Fuzzor mod makes it less clinical. Takes away from the sharpness caused by the reflections.
4 fans spinning at 400rpm (inaudible)Only SSDs so no moving partsFanless PSU Spent a lot of time making sure no noise would be directly made by my PC. It's the damn AC power which seems out of my control.
Luckily it only happens once in awhile for me. I'd go mad if it was as always like that.
Same here! When my PC's PSU start buzzing and clicking, the voltage out the wall is about 1.5V higher.
Awww crap, I've been reading the prices wrong. Okay that makes a lot more sense now. It's at $240 GBP which is 410 USD which is still a lot but is borderline affordable.
I'm not using a stock cable (BTG-audio 8 strand). It was a slight upgrade over the stock cable, but I don't have the stock cable to compare anymore and my ears are much better now. Toxic Cable's profile lists the Silver Widow litz at 445 GBP.
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