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You get that "out of your head" or live sound yet?
Also a general rule of thumb when shopping for a speaker amp you haven't heard or can't hear until you buy it - the power should double when the impedance is halved. It won't tell you the signature, but it's a sign of quality.
Yes, that's consistent with my memory.
So more mid bass with grill on and more sub bass with grill off? Or did you mean lighter bass with grill off?
Seems that you don't understand my terms here. The 2B touching the surface means it's a very acceptable amp unlike most headphone amps. It gives a good introduction of what the HE-6 is capable of.These $3k+ amps that give you everything are endgame amps. Keep in mind that my experience, standards, and expectation on what a superb amp should sound like are on a different level than you. My definition of acceptable might very well be your first enlightenment.If I call the 2B...
No Cavalli stuff!Once you start getting into gear at that price range, preamps start to play a crucial role also so factor that into price. At 3k you won't be able to touch the modern Krell and Pass Labs stuff yet. Yuhengtiger gave a favorable review to the Bemcark AHB2. First Watts are also a good choice if you can DIY one like an F5T.
I'm in no way putting down the performance of the 2B, simply praising how well the HE-6 scales. What I mean is that the 2B gives a good taste of what the HE-6 is capable of - good tonal balance with decently textured bass and dynamics. As you hear better and better gear, improvements come in trs of imaging, texture, dynamics, and separation - not exactly in microdetails. Headphone gear has basically been lacking these capabilities especially at their price points. I've...
You barely touched the surface of what they are capable of!
I see that the ACA boards are back in stock. Looks like it is possible to build them for $150.
The last time I checked, the ACA boards were out of stock on diyaudio. I've also been told it's possible to diy an F5 for about $500. If anyone is interested, I'm selling my custom Tribute autoformer volume control. Will beat the hell out of a traditional passive like a Goldpoint.
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