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With all mods done, YES! Do all 3 mods!
As a guy who doesn't sweat much at all, my armpit CAN'T stop sweating even though I'm just sitting here. Not sure if that's because of the amp. Maybe it's denial speaking...
 Each mod fixes flaws they introduce. I'd call it necessary.
I heard my HE-6 on a 445 and it did a very good job. It is missing a bit of grip that a speaker amp would have though. If you're willing to buy amps at that price, a lot of doors have opened up for you.
Oh playing with the differences are perfectly fine. I'm talking the people just want to half-ass the job and never see the end of the tunnel.
 Combination of both don't work well unless you did the felt mod. I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself, but mods work best when ALL THREE are done. All three balance each other out creating a perfect trifecta.
 Luis had some custom leather headband on his Paradox. It felt very nice! I've done the 3 main mods for HE-6: Vegan, felt, and grill. Vegan and grill mods make noticeable differences to the HE-6. It's a big jump even when done alone, but they have some weird shifts in the sound which aren't as pleasant alone. With only the Vegan, it's too muddy. With only the grill, it's too shrill. With only the felt, it's too congested and dark. When you do all 3, it transforms the HE-6...
Having talked to Luis personally many times, I completely forgot he mods other headphones on the side! What I liked the most was the leather headband replacement. mmm that is very nice with a bit more padding compared to the pleather we use now.
Poor soul! I did a cardboard cutout of the shapes I needed then just cut with sharp scissors. It did end up taking a good 3-4  hours though. Worth it but would never do it again!
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