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 I'm one of those who has heard the AHB2 which I directly compared to my Krell Evolution 302e at home. Both are more capable than the HE-6 so they ended up sounding the same. Get the AHB2 and call it a day. The only reason why I didn't make the switch is because I need to drive ESLs.
It's why I have 2 pairs.
It's the same thing
This sounds comparable to the FPB and EVO series which were Krell's high end reference models. Anything lower than that like the KAV don't come close.Pretty sure mine is US made but I'll check when I get home.
 I'm using an Anthem MCA 20 power amp which doesn't cost much at all. It sounds just as good as my Krell EVO 302e which means either my Yggy or HE-6 is maxed out. Throw the rest of the money on a really good preamp and you're set!
The quality of amps and preamps you could get with that money...Easily beats it. Easily.
I've been very very impressed with my Anthem MCA 2 which came with my speakers. This is true big boy performance. Can be had for under $800 used.
You could get some very good speakers at Utopia price. Hmmm what makes more sense here?
There's a reason I developed the blutack mod in the first place. And initially I had the same feeling as you (wanting more quantity), but the quality increased dramatically. If you want it all, upgrade your gear.
Those are Innersound Eros mk2's driven by an Innersound bass amp and Anthem MCA 20. It's an ESL hybrid created by Roger Sanders over a decade ago. The Krell is still on HE-6 duty as I got no room for now. It will have to wait another year.
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