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Later HE-6s have 6 screws like your HE-500. If you tape the pads directly to that ring, you will have no issues with the uneveness. My 4 screw HE-6 is also uneven so it's completely normal.Same reason why I ditched the original pads.
Have you tried bending the headband to the shape of your head? Any pressure points will cause discomfort. If you get even distribution around the skull, it's quite comfy. Then using Vegan pads add another level of comfort as they help support the headphones too.Sounds like some of you guys need to do neck exercises...
Give it a try. It could be better.
I always used the soft adhesive backed creatology felt from Michael's.
Hifiman pads tend to have minimal reflections. It's more visceral, especially the stock velours but at the expense of imaging which the vegans do best. Also the Focus pads have a weird peak somewhere that botherse a lot. Oh and they make my skin itchy.
Also for you visual learners who don't know how I did the blutack mod: Notice the blue line a drew right under the sandwich of plastic rings and felt. You'll have to roll up a nice thin noodle of blutack and wrap it around. Smash it with your fingers so its nice and flat then smoosh the driver back into the house so the blutack fills up the gap between the outer circumference of the driver and the inner housing. Yes, that's an air gap there which makes the bass muddier....
Instead of. The fuzzor took away a bit from visceralness and clarity.
For you guys that are visual learners, this is where the felt goes on the vegan pads (right where I slipped my index finger):     View of the felt lined:   How it looks if the hair screen was missing. See the exposed pleather? Also see how I use tape instead of the hifiman rings? Stop using the damn rings!:   The template I use:
You're setting yourself to have your mind blown...
YES! Someone knows what I'm talking about!
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