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Wells Audio Headtip - listening to music while drowning in a tar pit.
 You could drive both in parallel if you want.
Quit limiting people on amount of power an amp produces. I've been using 300wpc @8ohm amps for years and years. Watch the volume and you'll be fine. Some manufacturers don't make amps that only have 70wpc. For example, the least powerful flagship amp that Krell made for the Evolution series is a 300w which I own. People should be pushing the limits (with caution) so we can get to the next level of fidelity. If I hadn't pushed this headphone to the next level, I would have...
Well...that is no surprise to me. From my experience, tube vs SS is irrelevant in this discussion. The important thing is that it's high end SPEAKER amps which completely trounces these purpose built (purposely neutered) headamps. I've been thumping this for years and years.
Could be your amp...or anything else in the chain.
Do both drivers make that sound? If it's only from one driver then play a mono track and make sure both sides sound the same.I know some people who have punctured their drivers and there was no change in sound.
HE-6 doesn't have the stax fart. You should check to see if you got a torn driver.
Questyle monoblocks? What a joke...especially at that price.
 F6 made music sound like the band is playing in a hallway instead of an open field. Doesn't mean the mids are bad because they had a lot of texture and depth. Good amp for the price.
 You want to elaborate on some details? Better amps tend to present space and imaging much better, while a lot of sub 1.5k amps can't do it at all. Did the KAV sound wider than the J2? I've compared an F6 side by side with my Krell EVO and the stage was very narrow.
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