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I believe its USB input but has many outputs with I2S being the best. Yes, it is $1300 with most people getting them for ~$1800 when loaded with options. M7 sounds pretty boring to me as is, but the OR5 really gives it life. It's not something people are will to toss money on. It's something I haven't come around to getting either.
Pairing the M7 with an OR5 transforms it significantly. Weaknesses of the 1704 simply disappear with an OR5. Without something as good as the OR5, I prefer the NFB-7 greatly.
Directly. I only use resistors with amps with high noise floor and/or too much gain.
I will be able to do a comparison between how a Rag drives the HE-6 compared to my Krell. Will be able to haul it home next week.   I should also be able to get a decent listen to the Ygg through both amps too.
Different sound. Master-7 needs to be pair with an OR5. If it's not, I prefer the much livelier sound of the NFB-7.
True it doesn't need that much power, but I'm giving it A LOT of quality power anyway on my FPB-300cx. 300wpc of extremely clean power with almost imperceptible noise floor. Plus a whole system with ACSS/CAST gives it a much cleaner sound.
I was using a smaller Krell at the time. Althought sounded very good, it's nothing compared to this big Krell. You definitely missed out on hearing the potential of the HE-6. Not sure when the next meet will be. I only show up when certain people go too.
Yup, I definitely would say so.
Think about how sad it is when everyone walked by my table at the big LA meet months ago when I hauled my whole setup including my 90lb Krell. Because of space and weight, I had to put the Krell underneath the table hidden from plain sight. Actually, practically no one came into that small room that a couple of us were in. We had easily the best setups in the whole meet. Most of us brought more gear than vendors too! Yet not many got the chance to listen to the best HE-6...
I highly do NOT recommend getting an EF6.
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