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I had experience with 3.A. After the company declared me they had sent my earphones, the status by UPS was nothing update for 3 days. After that, the status was showed to visit Hongkong before going to Japan for next 3 days. I am living in Japan, but it took nearly a week to obtain a package from China by UPS. Moreover, there is no UPS agency around my place, then UPS uses local Japanese shipping company to send the package for me with addition charging for 10 USD to me....
I've got 3.A today.       
Hi Allen,  I can't send pm to you. I don't know why.    Please conclude the total and send me the paypal address.    Regards, Sopha
I'm interested in this item. I am living in Japan. And I don't sure this item is available or not. Please tell me how I can contact you.    Cheers, Sopha
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