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Double Helix Cables will do a complete termination for $215 if I'm not mistaken
Looking to buy a pair of Grado G-Cush pads, if your interested in selling contact me.   Thanks
Did I just see spongebob headphone's mentioned in the deal thread...I now see why there is speculation in closing it.
I might be wrong, but I think Bottlehead offered the Speedball free with the purchase of the Crack, thus making it at least $150 cheaper than the kits offered for sale ($525).
Name the pre-amp "Shiit Haute", otherwise known as "Haute Schiit"
Anyone know of a good mistletoe/pine scent?
Woo Audio charges shipping. My bad $190 below.
Anyone looking for a Woo Audio for $200 below sell price should highly consider this listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281217928872
Looking to buy a Schiit Valhalla. PM me if you are interested in selling one.
I would think that Fed-Ex would be top of the line, above USPS, but not as pricey as UPS. At the moment the seem to be chickens with their heads cut off. They have no clue of where the package is, or where it could be. Funny thing is, if it was stolen the employee managed to snag a pair of DT770's with a non functional right earphone (due to the wiring being eaten by my dog), and without the headband. 
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