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Faith hill - Lost (live) on a Koss ksc-75 .... lol  
where is this purchased from ? why don't you fill complain or ask for refund ?
HD 25-1-II definitely .... small, rugged, good isolation, fits your music taste (fast sounding with good bass) properly and is in your budget !  
but will it fit ? I mean, I think xb700 is a bit .... bigger  
I read in other forum, that they say it was limited edition ... lol  
Hi seems like you said that you are going to use it at school, so I assume you would prefer portable phone. And are you going to use some amplifier or some sort ? or you wanna use it from Ipod ? From your reply It also seem you quite like bass I'm not sure about this but In My Opinion spending money over 1k $ + over a phone for portable use is kinda ..... overkill .... you won't get the best of them, especially at school  .... what a waste ... Most of 1k phone is not...
This is a very good phone, I'm curious no one take them yet given several wanted thread. It should be Gone in a Jiffy. I do agree that 500$ is kinda high for this quality of phone, but it is rare; And I did manage to sell mine for 560US$ here... LOL .... Good luck with your sale!!!
Looking for a decent conidtion AT ES-10, Not willing to spent more than 300$, I believe they are priced new for 400$ so 25% - 30% off is fair IMO. send me PM with pics please. Thanks !
I'm selling my Ah-A100 in good condition, lightly used, 2 minor scratches and 1 scuff in the band, those are hardly noticeable except when you examine it. Cup is still perfect.  No smoke smell. The most comfortable portables in my opinion. Free shipping to CONUS, Paypal only .... Thanks !
Sennheiser HD238 good condition, recabled with rean mini connector .. asking 40 shipped CONUS. Just bought Denon ah-a100 ... so no longer needed ...
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