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 Brightens things up a bit and tightens up the bass a touch (compared to the stock cable). 
I'm using Moon Audio Silver Dragon
 The K10Us present the mids/vocals more forward than the Roxys.  I will use my K10Us across the full spectrum, but they shine with highly produced, well mastered recordings (and expose those which are not).  I go to the Roxys for live recordings and where detailed technical listing is not on the menu for the day.  Go with the K10Us for Jazz/Clasical listening,
 Does she have a sister?
500 is correct, you may want to give the comfort series a try too.  I've been using them for a few months; they seem to give me the best seal, without having the end of the K10 port recessed too far into tip.
My AK120 Titan will play DSD (DSF) files,  however they're decimated to 88.2 sample rate via optical out/TOSlink connection with Hugo.  Hugo's light is yellow, not white.     I've converted some DSF to FLAC, using Sonore DSD2FLAC, to a 176.4 sample rate and I get the white light when playing these FLACs via optical out/TOSlink connection with Hugo. Interesting thing is when I hit pause the light goes from white to a turquoise blue.   I'm still trying to see if this...
 Not the truth
 Try and grab a AK120Titan, you get the dual Wolfson WM8740s, 128GB on board with 2x 64gb micro sd card slots for total of 256gb, DSD capable (decimated to 88.2 PCM via optical out), optical out.   Better bang for the buck relative to the AK100II in my opinion.   I'm quite happy with my K10U/AK120 combo stand alone away from my Hugo....just unable to stand alone for too long.
My Hugo is completely dark with music paused via AK120/Toslink listening through my K10Us, Roxys and HD800s   I also have the TTVJ Slim w/5.1 iPod connected; it's completely dark as well listening through my Westone 4R's, UM3Xs and Beyer 1350s
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