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Given your list of IEMs, I'd try amp-less to start.
 Like I said, for the same view/selection features shared by both. eg. -- Artist, Albums, Song -- both  devices work identically for me.   My catalog is tagged properly, thus the software used by each device works properly.  All tracks are 2-3 clicks away using Artist, Albums or Song.   Everyone who complains their catalog is mess in the AK120 is because their catalog is in fact a mess.   If your tracks have multiple spellings for artist, album, song, you will see exactly...
 I think that's the problem, iPod needs the same proper tagging to display the music the way you want it.  If you have a slew of downloaded music  all with different  names or missing names for the "One" track you are looking for, you will get exactly that:  Same song displayed multiple times (each different spelling for track/artist/album) or added it will be added to your favorite artist "Unknown" if data is missing.
 This statement is not accurate.  If your music catalog is tagged correctly  -- Artist, Albums, Song -- selection criteria options works just fine.
So...after about 2 years of continuous enjoyment to and from work every day, both sockets on my 4Rs  have begun to loosen up.  I haven't come across any fix other than send them back to Westone.  Granted, I didn't spend a ton of time looking, instead I've decided to try my own solution.   What I've done is simply make a very small shim out of a toothpick.   All you need to do is take a standard round tooth pick, and with a pair of needle nose (or small) pliers, gently...
  I said: similar functionality of an iPhone/iPod with respect to music inventory views and selection. 
Agreed.  Text search, not so much
I clearly am, but totally not the reason for the post.  I keep seeing people wanting to put 16/44 FLACs and mp3s on this thing, hoping they make the proper financial decision with their money; whether it be my rig or the other countless products discussed and offered on this site.
I've said it before and I will say it again:  A search feature is a waste of resources, I'd prefer AK to work on the fluidity/stability of their firmware first.   If your music collection is well organized and properly tagged the current UI works very well, is simple to use, and provides similar functionality of an iPhone/iPod with respect to music inventory views and selection.  All songs are 2-3 clicks away.  Artist, Album, Track or Album, Track.      The search...
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