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completely agree with post above.  the LEDs actually looked too dim, didnt really capture the tron glow. i am disappoint.
like last year's announcement, i was disappointed.  honestly the new sennheiser's, w/e they are called, sounded more or less like to the low end $20 ones.  On the other hand, both westone 4 and the head-direct's RE252 sounded quite good.
why would my beliefs even matter?  do you seriously believe that it's possible for a power cable to influence display quality?  Ive listened to a few power cables (not cardas), a few headphone cables (cardas included) and personally cant hear the difference.  I dont really care if others believe in the benefits of boutique audio cables or not, but I draw the line at making displays "easier on the eye". As Jerry mentioned above, your reasoning is completely illogical; it's...
read the first Q/A   this literally made me lol.  next step: hook up hospital equipment with cardas to heal patients??  the mere fact that whoever owns cardas has the nerves to post this on his "frequently asked question" section makes me hate his products.
last year sennheiser had some like bright-yellow workout headphones or something at CES.  not audiophile grade stuff.  the hd800 was behind a glass case -______-.  Please dont disappoint again sennheiser!
i would buy a pair if they were $100.  I loved the original tron :]
are the venetian rooms invite only?  I know some of the hotel stuff isnt really open to the public.
Anyone have any suggestions on what companies I should check out for speakers/amps?  I've been reading this forum for the past year and only know about headphones; I have no idea what the "good" speaker brands are.   Here are the companies listed under "audio"|Audio&search=category&sub_cat=2|Audio|AllSubCategories   This is what looks interesting so far:   audio...
great idea or greatest idea ever? :D   lmao these earbuds are washing machine proof.
you need a better amp now ;)
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