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Hey there,   I use the 225's, and as far as being able to hear the difference, lots of people can't.  Sure, theoretically a FLAC file should be higher quality, but many people can't hear much of a difference between lossless files like that and a high quality (192-356) mp3.     If you want to improve the sound, your only real step would be to get a DAC of some sort that will do a better job of the sound card built in to your computer, but even then, depending on...
Thanks for the help, I installed foobar2000 and have just tried using it with that skin, it looks good!
Thanks for the reply, I never looked more closely at foobar to see that it was skinable.   Any chance anyone knows of a skin that has the McIntosh Labs look?  I saw they have an iPhone app now, and it looks great, but functionality is a little rough.
Hey everyone, quick question.  I have looked around a little bit, and not found anything so far, but I am looking for a music player for windows (7) that has a slick GUI like Fidelia does for OS X.  Any ideas?   I know there are lots of recommendations for players like foobar2000 etc, but I was just wondering if anything like this exists.   Thanks in advance.
Not for under $100.
  As far as the size, portable doesn't have to mean it's meant to be carried around in your pocket and used while walking or on a bus, I think to me portable is something I can throw in a bag to use at work, at home, or while out of town where I wouldn't be able to bring a full-sized amp.
I listened to all three back-to-back when I bought my 225s, and I thought the 225s sounded noticeably better than the 125s to my ears, but I did not hear a difference between the 225 and 325 models.  I think the 325s feel nicer, and the build quality might be worth the extra money, but I didn't hear enough of a difference to justify the cost for me.   Hope that helps.
  Hey CABILLAS, did you make those aluminum cups?  They look very nice.    
In regards to running the wire into one cup like that, I guess you wouldn't need to have a plug/jack there, though it does add convenience.  With the jack, though, since you are adding more "stuff" into what used to be open space behind the driver would this have an impact on the sound?  I assume it will, but it might not be enough of an impact to be heard.   Anyone able to tell a difference between before/after, or even right/left with a jack in one ear?
I love the bowl pads on my 225's, I find them, and the headphones in general, to be super comfortable.  I like them much more than my Sony over ear phones.
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