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If you use units like Squeezebox touch, and you connect your high-end DAC with it via the optical spdif, will the squeezeboxs' soundcard ruin the DAC capabilities of bringing the amplifier good sound signal, like it would if you connected it (the DAC) to say; a PC via USB?   I'm sorry but I'm really bad at explaining things, especially not with my native language. Please answer if you get the question. Thanks in advance.
Hello, building a set, and right now I have cleared out what to buy (except a DAC)   Sennheiser HD800 Burson HA-160 (amp) DAC Help me out! Give me your experience with your DAC  
  Going back to the old drivers, waiting for the new drivers to release, this is beta drivers you'd know.
Is anyone getting crackling sounds on the beta drivers, when playing a game or doing anything else than just having your music player up? Using foobar2k with asio 
Any news on the new drivers?
Quote: Originally Posted by Deep Funk My Sennheiser HD428 fits that description but is more neutral. From what I've read the HD438 should be warmer. A Panasonic RP-HTX7 could work but is bassy. It worked great with groovy music although it needs a good burn in (for the bass especially) and can be modified for further improvement. Sennheiser HD428 Looks good, read some reviews and opinions, from what I've read about HD438 is that it has that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Deep Funk Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry for your wallet... What kind of music do you listen to (on the move) and how do you prefer too hear your sound? Use your own words while being exact, it's about your ears and music . I listen to Disco, Funk, around that. I like them to be very good at the highs, medium too. I'm not that crazy about the bass but I want it tight and controlled.
Bump then.....
Hello head-fi'ers. First time poster so be nice.... I'm currently looking for some new Portable headphones for my Creative X-fi 2 music player. I'm looking at a budget in about 100 Euros. I'm already thinking of the AKG K27i, from what I've heard their somewhat good for the price.
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