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Lee, thanks for setting up the terrific meet.  Should have chatted with more people and listened to more rigs, but I had a great time.  Still can't believe I won these awesome IEMs - thank you Noble!   I've never heard some of the higher tier headphones like the LCDs and now I finally know what the fuss is all about.  I liked all of the variants I tried but the X and XC were truly amazing on that gorgeous Woo rig - probably the best sounding I've ever heard.  I liked the...
Sorry, that was a bad choice of words.   These are not in-ears.  This is a 'custom-built' headphone with milled wooden cups, Magnum V5 drivers, and grado headband parts.  Looks very much like a Grado RS1 but the only part made by Grado is the headband and gimbal. I should mention that I have not been an MOT for quite a while now, I'm coming purely to hang out and check out gear like everyone else. :)
Glad I saw this today also.  I'm only a couple of miles down the road and almost missed it.   I will be attending if there is still room and will bring along my portable rig (Fiio X3 Gen1 with Fiio E12A) and a few headphones if anyone cares to try them out:  V-moda XS, Beyerdynamic T51p, modded Denon AH-D2000, Magnum V5 Custom.
In case this helps anybody who is shopping for a large capacity ipod:   http://www.ipodzens.com/ipz_prductinfo.aspx?prd_id=321   Might cost a bit more than the ones on ebay, but these guys appear to have these in stock and they should be completely refurbished (new outer case) and in my opinion this older 5.5 gen model provides noticeably better sound quality compared to the newer models.     The 5.5 gen ipod video used a very good Wolfson DAC, and happens to...
The resistor is in the cable for the ER4S?  Meaning, if I were to recable them using a 3rd party connector like the Westone ES ones sold on ebay I could actually turn them into an ER4P?  Just trying to verify if the only difference between the P and S is in the cable.
Thanks - the only problem with stores like Guitar Center where monitors are sold is that they tend to be very noisy. I'll give it a try though.
I'm going to jump back in here with my question that has gone unanswered - Mauricio, I read your thread.  What I'd like to know, is if the proper active design gets rid of the latent hiss that I hear when I had the B&W MM-1 and Focal XS Book powered on, even with no audio input connected.  It would be great if you, since you seem to be pretty versed on the differences, could provide your thoughts based on your ownership / experience with the actives you...
Thanks - good to know.  I'd expect there to be something if I placed my ears real close to the speaker, and would be fine with that amount of noise / hiss.  No amped speaker is going to be completely quiet when powered up, I just don't want to be able to easily hear it from sitting distance.   I definitely do not want to have to return a third pair of speakers, but I'm kind of undecided about whether to get active monitors like the KRK or Yamaha vs. the Swan M200...
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