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I did a little checking up on what some of the manufacturers I have access to did on their demo boards for their USB controllers.   None featured input capacitance anywhere as low as the 1 to 10 uF in the spec. They all had anywhere from 470uF to nearly 1000uF across the USB power line. They also used 330R ferrite.  
Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet....   Great first post! You seem to have done your homework. We will be pleased to see how your project turns out.
I looked it up in the spec to be sure.   Upstream Facing Port Bypass Capacitance: Min - 1uF, Max - 10uF.
Isn't it about 100uF?
BLM21AG   I picked the DLP31S because I thought there was at least a chance that the average Joe could solder it on... When designing for a kit, I have to consider other peoples soldering skills (or lack there of...) Same with the TVS.   I'll have a look at the Laird...thanks for the tip.
I used Murata DLP31S for my CM choke and NXP PRTR5V0U2X for my TVS.   Oh, and my L are BLM21.
Hey, your USB input filter looks just like mine...I guess great minds think alike!  Actually, I have a TVS diode in my filter as well...   Nice, compact design...Looks good!  
The components are cheap...just build it and see what happens. If you were using expensive components, you might want to check more closely. But, as you said, part of the project is to have fun!
Is the 4556 fast enough to be in a loop with the 2134 driving it?
No, the ground is continuous.
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