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If you have some patients, there should be a new version coming out.Like many of use who like to design things, Joneeboi's free time is inshort supply.
Hey all   I'll add my intro.   Former Military Radio Technician  and Flextronics Employee. Former IASCA car audio champion and judge (Sound Satisfaction). Now a semi-retired Electronics Technologist.   I like to dabble in Amp design, DAC design and woodworking. I'm currently very busy with building onto my house and raising my boys.   I live near the shores of Lake Simcoe.   Cheers! James  
You do know the original conversation took place more than a decade ago...
Are you sure it is the driver and not the cable?  
No, sorry. Other projects have been keeping me pretty busy.If anyone else is interested in contributing or taking overthe project, be my guest.
You have already answered many of your questions.   An op amp on is own would not be enough...but and op amp and buffer would be no problem.   An op amp and buffer will not fit behind your ear.   Lets assume your rig draws 500mW (probably conservative). To run for 24 hours, you would need a 12 AH battery. That will not fit behind your other ear.   Unless you use some kind of boost converter to increase your voltage, you battery will need to provide the peak to...
The USB to I2S is a SaviAudio SA9027. Does anyone have a picture of the underside of the digital board?
It uses an ESS ES9023. Also, while the SA9027 is Async capable, it does not appear they are using it in Async mode, just plane adaptive mode (I have not seen a pictureof the bottom of the digital board though...maybe they are hiding the clocks under there..?).
I think Tom is still waiting on the prototype cases from Hammond. There is also the laser etching to prototype and approve. Should be soon. Boards and most kit parts are ready. I think there were a couple items that were back ordered.
Sorry, that was a good thread, but not the one I was thinking about. This is the one I was thinking about.
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