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For the 3.5mm input, look here. You don't need a switched jack. You can use a DPDT switch or just make sure no to have both inputs connected at the same time...  
Pictures?   Chances are it's either a component inserted incorrectly, bad soldering or less likely, a bad component.
I just searched with "Blue Yeti USB Microphone". On Amazon, I found the it supports up to 16 bits at 48k and was "plug and play". That say to me "USB Full Speed device".
A quick search provided the answer.   Yeti - Full Speed Yeti Pro - High Speed.   So, yes, the Yeti will work with the Doodlebug.
What sample rates does it support? If the highest it goes is something like 24 bits and 96k then it's USB 2.0 Full speed. If it's higher, like 32 bits or 196k then it has to be USB 2.0 High speed.
That depends. Is the USB Microphone a USB Low Speed, Full Speed or High Speed device? All USB devices use two way communication.  
Thanks! :)
Have you tried a new battery?
They won't cause a problem, you could just get better performance with the recommended caps. You can always order some with your next order and swap them in to see the difference. You will probably find they tighten up the sound, especially in the bass region. A Panasonic FR can provide two to three times more ripple current than the Nichicon Muse FG. For "audio" caps, me, personally, I prefer the ELNA Silmac II series.
 Those are really nice capacitors...but you seem to have used them everywhere... Nichicon FG, or any "Audio" rated cap are designed for use in the audio signal chain, ex. input caps, output caps and coupling caps.They don't do so well when used in the power supply role.There, something along the lines of Panasonic FR or Nichicon HW would be more appropriate.Otherwise, great project!
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