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What TomB said...
I would just go with something like this: http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/ECQ-E1225KF/EF1225-ND/56392
Hi Fred   Sorry to hear about your troubles. I don't know how I would even cope if I lost my wife, let alone your other troubles. Glad to hear you are on the mend though.   Welcome Back!   Cheers! James
Check out the Doodlebug on Beezar Audio and see if that is what you are looking for.
The player software should make no difference. I use both JetAudio and Foobar2000 without any problem.   The Hiface is a USB High Speed device, I suspect that is where the problem lies. Again, your friend was able to get them to work together, ask them how they had it set up. Are you using the M2Tech drivers? Was your friend using the drivers?
What sample rate and bit depth are you using? The Doodlebug is a black and white kind of device. Either it works perfectly or it doesn't work at all. The Doodlebug can only support USB full speed operation. High speed is not supported. Due to the complexity of the USB High Speed signal, there is no isolator that can handle it. Your friend might be able to help you find settings that work with your setup. My own setup uses a pupDAC which is a USB Full Speed device. I...
USB 3 ports are backward compatible with USB 2Sounds like you have a short in your pupDACThe voltage regulator usually gets only mildly warm, not much above room temperaturein normal use. The Doodlebug can protect itself from shorts with an auto reset fuse.Go over all the solder joints and look for any bridges.
Yes, it provides complete galvanic isolation. Just make sure your device works at USB full speed, not low speed or high speed. Edit: I think your interface may be a low speed device. Contact the manufacturer to make sure.The Doodlebug can be hacked to run at USB low speed.
The Doodlebug does nothing on it's own, that is, it is not recognized as a device by the computer. It is locked at USB full speed and will not work with devices at USB low speed or USB high speed. If you have a mouse that runs at USB full speed, it should work, but I think most mice are USB low speed devices. The 5.25 volts shows the power supply is working properly. New devices (ones that have not been connected to your computer before), may need to be plugged in...
No, it doesn't work like that. You have to bias each op-amp output that you want to have in class A. Your not injecting bias into the V- rail, your drawn a small current from the output to the V- rail.Some op-amp benefit more from this than others, your mileage may vary.
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