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Here is a schematic you can use for powering your DAC.   You can use it with a 9 volt AC wall wort...that way you avoid having to work with line voltage.   I used this set-up in my project here.
 Like you said, without knowing the values, any resistor is just a guess.Swapping values and checking the waveform on a scope would get thebest results. The values may be different for each line as well. You could try 22, 49.9 and 100 and see if there is any audible difference.Resistors are cheap. 
And here is an example of how you can use your damping resistors and chip orientation to keep your I2S lines tangle free:  
Here is an example of a USB input filter. You wont be using the D+ and D- so you can ignore that part of it.   And how it could be routed:  
1. Yes 2. Rotate PCM 90 degrees and you should be able to untwist your I2S and keep them all on the top layer. 3. For the most part, yes. 4. What you have done is correct. 5. I'm not sure what the question is.   Regular Via's go in one side and out the other. Blind Via's go in one side and don't come out the other. Buried Via's are completely internal to the board and don't come out either side. Blind and buried Via's are only applicable to boards with more than...
Home made re-flow oven.You can even use an Arduino to control the curve.
What capabilities do you think you can exploit? More info of the lightning connector can be found here.
The question I have is "when is a project DIY and when is it something else"?   For me, I start from scratch and design/build everything myself (even if I get boards done at a board house now instead of etching them myself). I do true DIY.   Is getting a empty board, a bag of parts and a case DIY?   Is getting a fully populated board and stringing it together with some other fully populated boards and making a case DIY?   How about buying a fully finished...
  I'll wait till then to comment on it... 
I got some stuff in my pipeline.Right now there is a lack of time and money but Ihave NDA with a company that has some new productsnot used in DIY much yet. USB High speed DACEthernet DAC The rules of this board make it tricky to even tellpeople what I have in mind. Cheers and stay tuned!
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