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Great thread...when I have time I'm going to go back and read it all.
I use OSHPark too, I find the quality to be quite good for the price. From the time I place my order, until they show up in my mail box, three weeks to a month. Probably a week longer for you. You can PM me the details when they're ready.
Looking good! If you have some spare boards I would be interested in a set. I should have a Carrie Amp v3 prototype as well to compare it with.
I did a little checking up on what some of the manufacturers I have access to did on their demo boards for their USB controllers.   None featured input capacitance anywhere as low as the 1 to 10 uF in the spec. They all had anywhere from 470uF to nearly 1000uF across the USB power line. They also used 330R ferrite.  
Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet....   Great first post! You seem to have done your homework. We will be pleased to see how your project turns out.
I looked it up in the spec to be sure.   Upstream Facing Port Bypass Capacitance: Min - 1uF, Max - 10uF.
Isn't it about 100uF?
BLM21AG   I picked the DLP31S because I thought there was at least a chance that the average Joe could solder it on... When designing for a kit, I have to consider other peoples soldering skills (or lack there of...) Same with the TVS.   I'll have a look at the Laird...thanks for the tip.
I used Murata DLP31S for my CM choke and NXP PRTR5V0U2X for my TVS.   Oh, and my L are BLM21.
Hey, your USB input filter looks just like mine...I guess great minds think alike!  Actually, I have a TVS diode in my filter as well...   Nice, compact design...Looks good!  
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