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    Image motion is similar to audio in the sense that just like people can notice differences between 16/44.1 and higher formats, so can (some, at least) people perceive frame rates higher than 60 despite the human eye supposedly being limited to 60fps, just like the whole hearing being limited to 20Hz-20kHz but people perceiving differences beyond that range.
    That's curious, to say the least. Racing games are famous for causing motion sickness on people with tendencies to suffer from it.   So Half Life 1 gives you motion sickness but Half Life 2 doesn't?
    I can understand higher fps making it easier for motion sickness to kick in, but 60fps is perfectly smooth, things are too artificial with anything less than that. And again, developers should always aim for 60fps but provide options for lower fps, as that caters to all users unlike setting a 30fps ceiling that will leave a massive amount of people seriously displeased (family friendly term).   Have you played any of the Gemcraft series, Epic War series or Tentacle...
    Certain genres are terrible for people who have motion sickness, such as racing games, but other genres such as FPS now have overall faster gameplay, which then worsen things even when running at lower fps.
    Nice :) I've been playing 5, although it enters too much on the freemium area for my taste, but fun nonetheless.
Have you ever watched movies (not television) at 72fps? You can be sure it's cinematic, as frame rates don't translate that directly on pre-rendered content, which works wonders for quality output. Interpolation is disappearing from the video market for multiple reasons, and that's good, but frame rates are increasing, and it should've come far sooner.   Again, it seems you're not familiar with image customization that renders every single content available to any...
I never bought into the whole propaganda factory of less fps enabling cinematic feel. The real reason is that it requires significantly more development on CGI, character interaction, and just about everything needs to step up its game.   Considering the final current gen console releases have surprising visual fidelity (for consoles), the next generation should be able to drive such graphics at 1080p and 60fps. Unfortunately, developers fail to realize that texture...
120fps is, for the most part, pointless for 2D gaming. However, any decrease in fps below 120fps on 3D gaming results in rather noticeable image smoothness.
    They are the same card. The only thing that isn't specified is the card revision. Different retailers have different prices, so if there's such a discount, it's worth getting it cheaper.   I told you right from the start that headphones plus mic would be a better combo :)   If you are free to have louder audio surrounding you, then you should certainly go with the Beyerdynamic DT990 rather than the AKG Q701 IMHO. Better yet (albeit more expensive), get a set of...
    Ah, that's different :) In any case AMD's HD 7000 GPU series is meant for GPGPU tasks, while Nvidia's GTX 600 GPU series targets gaming, which is why there is such a significant difference between both. If one plans on gaming, going with AMD on this GPU generation isn't a good move.
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