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Hum, it might be problematic then. The X-Fi Forte would fit your bit quite nicely. On the Creative's side, you can get the flagship X-Fi Titanium HD, with a headphone out for headphones up to 330 Ohm, or look into a Sound Blaster Zx, although it doesn't have full gaming audio support. I do recommend the X-Fi Titanium HD over all the cards mentioned so far.
Look into the Auzentech X-Fi Forte, a custom card with high quality components, an integrated headphone amp (which the Xonar D1/DX lacks) and powered by a Creative X-Fi chip, which provides full gaming audio support. Overall, it's a quite good quality soundcard for music, games and movies.   Either card is a noticeable improvement over onboard audio chips.
  Out the top of my head, three options:   - Auzentech X-Fi Forte - Asus Xonar Essence STX - Creative Sound Blaster ZxR
  Both are reliable, with the Headstage Arrow having longer battery life (more than twice the c421).
  Basically this.
  Truer words rarely have been spoken :)   FMOD by itself is a software audio renderer but unlike the dreadful XAudio2, it actually has an hardware pipeline available for use with all cards that have features like hardware EAX up to version 2 (like Asus cards and specific onboard audio chips) as well as full-on hardware accelerated audio beyond that, up to the point where hardware OpenAL and EAX 5 can be used (X-Fi chip cards only).   From the start, Creative was never...
Yes, basically that. Also, all software players (be it audio or video) should have volume set at 100% (not higher, as some players allow).   The main thing to keep in mind is to have the source volume unattenuated or as close to it as possible. By having the source volume lower than 100%, resolution and dynamic range drops.   Why do you think it might be an accident waiting to happen?
It's a quite valid question.   Overall, you want to adjust volume at the end of your sound chain. Since a PC audio setup has the PC early in the chain, you will want to have its volume unattenuated (as long as there is no clipping occurring) and adjust volume through the amp.   In the event you're using Windows XP, you should set the volume to 50%, while if you're using Windows Vista or newer then the volume should be set to 100%. Some devices clip when...
  The Xonar DG and the X-Fi Titanium are entry level cards, the former being geared towards music playback and the latter geared towards gaming.   The Xonar Essence STX and the X-Fi Titanium HD are both flagship cards, both with high quality DAC chips and components, with the Titanium HD having full gaming support on top of that. So, not only does the Titanium HD excel at gaming, but it also handles music playback and recording very well.
Look into the Sennheiser PC360, it's currently the best gaming headset available, well above "gaming" headsets like Tritton and Turtle Beach products.
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