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chuckle490, if you only listen to EDM, then I would suggest you wait a bit longer and get the Pro 900, as they simply excel with EDM, beyond what the Pro 750 can do.
Quick question. Does the Modi do 16/88.2 and 24/88.2?   On a different note, I'm hoping the Magni will have a 230V option soon.
  Are you running audio through the RCA out to the Asgard?   Did you update the drivers alone or did you also update other Creative software? Also, are you running the original OpenAL libraries or the updated ones?   After you set the desired output format on the OS audio settings, everything else should be configured through the Creative software alone, be it on the Audio Control Panel, Console Launcher or ALchemy.   And which mode did you have your card on?
  Hey there, it's been some time indeed. Hope everything's alright with you
  What gear are you using?   And how exactly have you installed the card?
  You can get a PA2V2 portable amp, a quite capable amp for its price, the battery charges last for around 100 hours, can be used while charging, and is currently going for ~$60. That's the entry-level amp you should be aiming for, as cheaper amps like Fiio E5/E6 add little in terms of amplification, but add a lot of background noise.
  What flaws?
The Pro 900 quite a bit more V-shaped than the Pro 750, which is actually more balanced than expected.   It all comes down to what one is looking in terms of signature.
Usually, high sensitivity headphones tend to go louder more easily.   Also, I would recommend getting a headphone amp as to make your system modular in order to handle a wider range of gear better.   How far can you stretch your budget?
For the most part, I've found DOSBox to run just about any games I throw at it, as well as 16-bit apps on the side. There were some issues during the 0.72 era, but since 0.74 was released, it was pretty much usable on all games, and I've found that I managed to run DOS games better than packages that came with both a DOS game and prepackaged DOSBox setup, not having nearly ideal settings, and making emulation slower than it should be. Also, DOSBox has full compatibility...
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