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  The HFI-780 is an inexpensive entry to the Ultrasone sound, and being more balanced than both the HFI-580 and the Pro 900.
Just realized I asked about the wrong file. chewy4, what is the file version of the wrap_oal.dll found on your system32 folder? If needed, I can upload an updated version of the file, which increases compatibility further.   Also, the Titanium HD paired with a Schiit Asgard doesn't display hissing, and you reporting that the hissing only occurs when adding the amp might actually indicate the issue lying on the amp side rather than the card's side.
Well, current drivers are very stable, unlike the first generation drivers available for the X-Fi family, with drivers now working flawlessly on Windows 7 and Windows 8.   Getting a Titanium HD plus an entry-level amp like a PA2V2 isn't an expensive setup.   What headphones are you using that require more than the headphone out (up to 330 Ohm) of the Titanium HD?
  Spot on.
Forgot to add "YMMV" :)
  Haven't heard good reports on the HE-400 with EDM. For other genres yes, but not for EDM.
  Soundcards and amps alike do have output impedances, and lower output impedance allows for better overall sound on easier to drive headphones, such as your SR60i that despite not having that high sensitivity, it does have low impedance (32 Ohm).   The PA2V2 has an output impedance of ~3 Ohm, which would work nicely with your headphones. About alternatives, you also have the Fiio E11 (slimmer form factor, lower driving power, battery lasts ~10h, can't be used while...
I personally don't think so. Given that you have clear preferences, skipping middleground cans would be a smart decision from a financial perspective. And if you do enjoy the overall XB500 signature, then you certainly will enjoy the Pro 900 impactful sound as well as the bass quality that's well beyond what the XB500 does, along with nice quantity.
An inexpensive and well regarded mic is the Zalman clip-on mic. It recently increased in price, but still accessible and costing a third of a boom mic.
  What headphones do you have?   It seems your card might be faulty as I've yet to see any sort of hissing on the Titanium HD, even with too easy to drive headphones that would be prone to hiss. Is it a Rev. A or a Rev. C card?   Which modes have you been using? The card has 3 modes, Audio Creation Mode, Game Mode and Entertainment Mode.   About OpenAL, can you check file versions of OpenAL32.dll present on your system?   EDIT: I didn't mention disabling the onboard audio...
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