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They should already been replacing all current HFI-580 models being sold, which will be phased out for the new model. Asking the retailer should help clear that out.
I was surprised to see Ultrasone updating the HFI-580 cable.   I would hardly call the original 3m cable ridiculously long, though
Well, you already have entry-level amping, so it's not so much a concern. Do keep in mind the Pro 900 do scale up nicely with better gear, so you'll reap more benefits after upgrading.
Actually, the DJ1 is slightly louder than the HFI-580. Aside from that, the HFI-580 has been updated to come with a 1m straight cable plus a 4m extension cable. The DJ1 comes with a 3m coiled cable.
When you connect the USB DAC, it replaces the Realtek onboard audio chip as the main system output device, so all software will send audio to the USB DAC. Exceptions to this are software where you have specifically selected the Realtek onboard audio chip rather than the default system output device.   Most USB DACs lack processing features like surround, which for music listening alone shouldn't be an issue, barring personal preferences.
Remind me one thing, what source do you have and do you have a headphone amp?
Either the HFI-580/DJ1 or the HFI-780 are good headphones for your preferences, but I stand by my recommendation of the Pro 900. Avoid getting multiple lower-end headphones and dive right in. If you don't like them, you can always return them, but at least you'll know how you feel about the headphones.
The HFI-580 (as well as the louder counterpart, the DJ1) have a less refined presentation when compared to the HFI-780, but do have a stronger bass presence, and handle EDM quite nicely, as just about all Ultrasones do, regardless of model differences.   For EDM alone, the HFI-580/DJ1 might be a better option, while the HFI-780 handles a wider range of genres due to being more balanced.
Ah, for those headphones I do recommend adding an amp.   About the drivers, they work for basically every single person I've seen. Issues stem from poor driver installation procedures, which is why there are guidelines specified by the manufacturer.   Bottomline is, if you do want proper gaming audio features, software based cards won't cut it. Getting a Titanium HD plus headphone amp will provide superior results to anything else available on the market.
Seems like you might've missed this thread...
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