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  Nice specs. It's a well rounded machine for just about all workloads.   However... what soundcard/DAC are you using?
  The first thing to keep in mind regarding the two main HRTF filters available is that one emphasizes bass (DH) while the other emphasizes treble (CMSS-3D). And both run averaged HRTF filters in order to be compatible with as many different people as possible, due to differences between ear size and shape. That is exactly why there can't be assumptions of one filter being better than the other.   The fact (not opinion) is that Asus cards have poor gaming audio support,...
  Quick correction there. Both the Titanium HD and the Essence ST/STX have swappable opamps.   Very wrong statement there. DH isn't better than CMSS-3D, it simply works best for your specific ear shape and size, so don't make blanket statements like that.   And no, harcore gamer and Asus cards don't go hand in hand.
  Except the GX Mode only provides EAX up to version 2, as opposed to Creative's native EAX 5, which isn't emulated, it's the real thing. Also, Dolby Headphone isn't superior to CMSS-3D, it's just a different HRTF filter. Asus cards have basic software OpenAL while Creative has hardware OpenAL, which not only provides better in-game sound but also unlocks advanced audio options that aren't available on any Asus cards. Lastly, the Titanium HD has positional cue improvement...
Then you have half your work cut out for you. For gaming purposes, the Titanium HD is the best card you can get. Amp wise, you can go as high as you want. Did you have a particular amp in mind?
  Glad to see you found out the meaning. I should've explained it better.   For full-size headphones that fit your criteria, you might want to look into the Shure SRH840 and Ultrasone Pro 550.
  The Sennheiser HD25-1 II might be what you're looking for, sound wise. However, do note they're supraaural and not circumaural.
  The direct competitor of the Titanium HD is the Essence STX. However, all Asus cards have partial gaming audio support (which is something separate from output quality), and won't provide as good an experience with gaming as Creative cards. For both high quality output and proper gaming audio support, the Titanium HD is the card to get, or the lower priced Auzentech X-Fi Forte, which is a custom card that licensed the X-Fi chip from Creative, therefore having the same...
For the best gaming audio support, get a Creative X-Fi Titanium HD and a headphone amp like an O2 or a Fiio E9/09K.   The soundcard contains a high quality DAC as well as high quality components used, which provide excellent output quality, and due to the presence of the X-Fi chip, you will get full gaming audio support, including positional cue improvement algorithms that are exclusive to X-Fi powered cards.
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