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  If you get an external DAC-amp unit, you can't connect it through USB or it will bypass the internal soundcard, therefore negating all the soundcard's features. A good priced portable amp to get is the PA2V2, for ~$60. I recommend it over the Fiio E11 because the PA2V2 has better driving power, the battery lasts ~100h (Fiio E11's battery lasts ~10h) and can be used while charging (Fiio E11 can't), which works for a stationary setup like a desktop PC.   About the...
  No worries, the HFI-580 isn't going anywhere :) It just got updated to come with a 1m straight cable and a 4m extension cable instead of the original 3m cable.
  Well, the D7100 might look more modern but its looks certainly don't match the price tag, IMHO.
Creative is known to have subpar marketing when it comes to advertising supported features on their cards, with something similar happening with the whole DTS support situation.   Also, keep in mind that CMSS-3D is a surround virtualization tech, whose purpose is to add surround to the original signal and just happens to have positional cue improvements as a byproduct of the processing. Specific positional cue improvement algorithms work separated from that, and...
It is recommended to add a headphone amp to the DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm. Given your specified budget, the Fiio E9/09K is your best option.
None of that.   People often mistake surround virtualization techs, like CMSS-3D, as the sole feature that can improve positional cues. Soundcards with a X-Fi chip have different modes to switch, one of which being Game Mode that has additional features related to gaming, including options to improve positional cue accuracy through the aforementioned algorithms, that can be used by themselves as well as along CMSS-3D. Those algorithms aren't present on any Creative...
It's indeed better to only use the DAC as it's an overall superior device. Adding the amp will allow you to drive a very wide range of headphones. After that, you won't need to worry about the onboard audio chip at all.
But do you plan on using the onboard audio chip after you get your DAC?
What's the brand and model of you desktop/laptop PC?
  Glad to see you've made up your mind :)   I've actually heard that before, and it couldn't be further from the truth. The reason I recommended you that card is because it doesn't compromise a shred of gaming audio capabilities, while at the same time providing excellent sound quality, given that it's a flagship consumer soundcard.   I kept going around the specs and the rear side (quite busy, I might add) and didn't find it, while it was on the front all this time...
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