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  Yes, it's the same card.     All Asus soundcards have poor gaming audio support, with no hardware acceleration of OpenAL, EAX support higher than version 2 and no positional cue improvement algorithms. Not recommended.
Through careful component selection, you can get a very high quality transport through a PC. However, you would have to pick some components that are geared towards purposes other than audio, but some of its features are relevant for audio playback. And despite some people saying digital out can be run perfectly well out of a $1 onboard audio chip, a dedicated device will provide better results.
Gaming wise, the only thing the Phoebus has over the Essence STX is a less buggier implementation of GX mode. Aside from that, the Essence STX is a superior card. Also, GX mode doesn't emulate any EAX version higher than version 2, it just increases voice count without any filtering at all, therefore not being compliant with higher EAX versions.
You can also look into the Ultrasone Pro 550 (or its counterpart, the DJ1 Pro), it fits your criteria and is within your specified budget.   Amp wise, the PA2V2 is a solid performer for its price, and pairs up nicely with Ultrasones.
  If you're using Windows XP, volume should be at 50%. If you're using Windows Vista or newer, volume should be at 100%. Only lower it if clipping occurs.       He does PC gaming, where the Mixamp isn't suitable for, given that there are better and cheaper options. The Mixamp is a niche device, namely for console gaming.   That thread refers to console gaming, not PC gaming, and it's something made clear right on the beginning of the first post. The thread to look into is...
  Ah :)   Well, in theory it would make sense regarding treble, but its reported effects on bass aren't good, IMHO. Also, I'm a bit puzzled at how it could change the whole headphone position relative to the head.
XAudio2 is just so... awful.   Still, it should be noted that aside from being hardware accelerated, X-Fi cards still provide improved positional cue accuracy through their audio renderer agnostic algorithms. While the improvements aren't as large as running pure hardware audio renderers, still provides improvements over regular cards lacking said algorithms.   There are quite some games using OpenAL, however Triple-A games aren't nearly as common as of late.
  Something like this?   This could also be of interest to you, pad wise.
  I'm afraid you lost me there :)
250 euros for the Pro 2900 is a great deal. They handle metal very well, and overall it's a deal worth getting.
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