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if not for the marketing muscle behind beats by dre, many would never even consider paying the premium for higher quality cans.   they're raising awareness that something better is out there, and normalizing the idea of 300 dollar cans.  whether or not head-fiers like their product, we should apreciate their mission.
excellent write-up, productred.  I've been somewhat mystified with the low reviews head-fiers gave these cans.   By the way, I'm not sure if anyone has tried to plug the iphone cable into different phones, but I have some interesting findings.  I recently plugged it into my new acer liquid e android phone, and the mic works.  I didn't think it would.  the button accepts the call and the mic carries your voice.   Pressing the button when not in a call brings up a...
Its like an iem.  Its just there, flat on your ears.  You will feel close to the music, (being an on-ear headphone)- almost inside of it. 
I'm not sure how well the esw9s will isolate sound on your train/bus rides.   Why not try the B&W p5s?  I was looking for the same thing in the same range, and after auditioning a bunch I went with them and never looked back.  Try them at an apple store.  You'll either love them or hate them.
How important are the following things to you?   Detail?  You're good with p5s Build Quality?  Awesome. Aesthetics?  Unrivaled. Soundstage?  None to speak of.  Just music flat on your ears, like many iems.  This could be a deal breaker for some. Bass? These aren't for bassheads, but the bass is clear and controlled. Neutrality?  Here's where these are polarizing.  Many consider them too colored.  An upper bass hump gives them a warm relaxing/non fatiguing...
Amen to that.
really you have to try the p5s before you buy them.  You can demo them in any apple store.  If you like their warm and unique sound signature, then lucky you, you'll be able to enjoy  a headphone with inline mic and iphone control that's built to last and smells like new car.   I don't see them becoming less robust over time, the build quality is great and everything is modular and replacable.  Most people will likely say the hd-25s are more neutral/less colored and if...
rhythmdevils I am even using our exchange to inform that opinion.  The phones you suggested as unamped ipod alternatives were  less than 150. 
I've read reviews that compare them favorably to the sq of phones in their price range such as grado 325.and denon ahd2000.  I suspect the truth is somewhere in between the pro reviews and the little consensus you guys are forming.   I think the real question that makes these cans polarizing is what 300 dollars should get you out of an ipod.   My opinion and admitedly limited experience is that you can't get 300 dollars of sq out of an unamped ipod, and anything...
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