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x2 on the sennheiser HD-25-1 II. They're selling it for £144 at advancedmp3players. You can also get the Shure SRH750 dj at that website for £99 but those heaphones tend to lean towards the bassy side.  In the end it all depends on your preference. Good luck headphone hunting!!
MacBook > CA DacMagic (via optical toslink) > Matrix M-Stage > complaints yet (prob never)...
I have not heard the MOFSET but i can't really see any faults with the Matrix M-Stage considering the price from Coolfungadget on ebay..I can tell you that have good synergy with the HD650..
Entry-level: 242----------- Alien (1) AOL Picollo DAC (1) Apogee Duet (4) Asus Essence STX (5) Audio-gd Compass (20) Audio-gd Compass - FUN (4) Bantam (1) Behringer DEQ2496 (2) Behringer SRC2496 (1) Beresford TC-7510 (2) Beresford TC-7520 (5) Beresford TC-7520 SE (Caiman) (3) Cambridge Audio DacMagic (21) Cambridge Audio Dacmagic2 (1) Creative Extigy (1) Creative Xmod (1) Devilsound DAC (1) Diyeden Great March II (1) Echo Gina 3G...
1. HD650 2. Shure SE530 3. IE8 4. HD212 pro
very interesting comparison u've got going on there..looking foward to your impression..
Have heard both but the 650 is a clear winner..
Bought an M-Stage amp from niranhopper.Item was exactly as described.Dispatch was quick. All in all a very reliable and trustworthy seller. Thanks!
All my feedback here..
PM and email sent
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