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My Oakley X Metals   Waiting for X-Metal X Squared in the mail  
Just got this Oakley X Metal Penny              
Just got these from a fellow Oakley fan. Oakley X Metal XX TiO2 w/ black iridium lens
Can't find a bag that is small enough to pack my small things but won't look like a woman's bag/purse so I bought this hydration bag and took out the fluid pouch.   Nishiki Warwick 100oz.     I like the padded waist strap with pockets   Labeled compartments. Was able to put my small knife, small led flashlight,two large Oakley hard cases, point and shoot camera, and 3 earphones while the back can fit an ipad if you remove the hydration pouch(and...
Not really a knife fier but I just bought this to replace a regular box cutter.     Gerber Ripstop 1             Ouch!!! was checking how sharp they are  
he is gonna be using his own prescription lenses so Rudy's lenses are out. I understand having a comfortable fitting pair but you need a tight fit when doing active sports so it doesn't fall and break.
Yes please
Try Oakley's Sport frames 
all Oakleys back left: Jupiter Squared....front left: X-metal polished Juliet.....back right: Pit Bull.....front right: Splinter.....Front center: Plaintiff       Back: Jupiter Squared             Front: Polished Juliets     Back: Pit Bull      Front:  Splinter       Wearing my Juliets Looking for some X-Metal XX and Romeo II
I added a mid driver and it sounds a bit better. I have 3 playlists that I play often and I can honestly say that I hear a bit more detail on those (FLAC/ALAC format) like hearing an instrument/vocals being played in the background that I haven't heard before. Sibilance becomes a problem when I'm listening to high notes/voices like Celine Dion. You can fix that by having an amp with bass boost. Is it worth it? I'm not sure since I have forgotten what the TF10 sounded...
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