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Thanks will buy the UAPP app. Hiby music seems to lose your playlist/favorites if you turn off your phone.
Another question. Can the d14 + OTG cable bypass Android phone's dac?
  thanks for confirming. 
Thanks. Is your HTC Android 4.4 lollipop or higher?
Has any of you bushmasterers(lol) able to use this to an android phone? I have an Asus Zenfone 2 and have been contemplating between this and the FiiO E18 Kunlun. 
  ^not my collection but a member from another forum. This is only 30% of his collection. 
That's why an OTG is the way to go. You can choose either sd(card reader)/ssd/flash drive or a combination of both. 
Concerning storage space, can FiiO add OTG capability to the player so we can use flash drive (Corsair has a 256gb under $90us)? 
My Oakley X Metals   Waiting for X-Metal X Squared in the mail  
Just got this Oakley X Metal Penny              
New Posts  All Forums: