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Any reason you went with the 132 instead of two 122's? From what I can tell they sound exactly the same and use the same drivers but the controls on the 132 are a bit different and the 132 is more expensive (what gives?) edit: nvm, I see the 200$ requirement doesn't take discounts into accountedit2: ended up buying 132 and 122 (flight edition, I'm guessing they are running out) ps: I was able to fix my old pfe's but the solder pads on one of the drivers got ripped and is...
Wonder how long this will last, apparently it's been there since at least Feb 2014 ( 
Thanks for the info guys, I'm going to try the Fiio RC-UE2 cable spc cable for 27$ (wtf!?), 26awg so I think it should fit...
Any other recommended places for wires? With the shipping to canada from BTG my wire price would total 40+$ lol edit: ended up getting some from ebay 
So, 4 years of daily use and my PFE 112 finally broke a wire on the left earbud. Not giving these up, I need to re-cable them.  Has anyone tried recabling the old PFE 112? What would be a good place to find wires? Any help is appreciated.     Thanks
 you could always braid it 
I didn't really know where to post this, but my ibasso d10 battery needed to be replaced, I basso sells their own batteries without tracking and I never received the item, it's been over a month. I am looking for alternatives.   The battery specs on ibasso says  Power Source:Built-in 4.2V 470mAh Li-polymer   But I can't find anything 4.2V, I did find a 3.7V 450mAh battery here and I read most lipos peak at 4.2V full charge?   I don't know anything about batteries,...
Just put an order for JDS ODAC since the batter on my d10 is about to explode, probably be a month + before I get new batteries for it, I can't wait that long! Anyways, can't wait to see how it sounds with the q701!     I should probably post this in the ibasso threads but FYI: I basso says using while charging has NO PROBLEM whatsoever, don't believe it. Check out this bad boy:    
I can't use the d10 without battery(which has now swollen and i'd have to wait a month+ for a battery to come in) so I'm looking for a desktop dac that has optical input, and an upgrade/sidegrade from the dac in the d10, hopefully less than 200, any suggestions? I'll be using the e09k as an amp   currently thinking of the Zero dac or Musical Fidelity V-DAC MKII, but how does it compare to the d10 dac?   Thanks
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