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 I've heard plenty of other "high end" gear and I'd agree that the O2 is transparent.  I feel absolutely no need for a "better" amp for my dynamics.  Some "high end" gear, especially tube amps do sound different, because of well understood things like extra output impedance and higher distortion.  No one's ever demonstrated that amps or DACs which measure suitably well actually sound different from each other.  It's not impossible that they could sound different but such...
 I picture an emo audiophile wearing a pair of WESC headphones fed from an off brand smartphone and staring in the window of a shop at a pair of HD800s on display while a single tear rolls down their check.
 It's a brave new world now huh? At this rate who needs consoles anymore.
 First post on a headphone forum? That's worth a screenshot right there. 
Anyone know what the parking is like at the pizza joint or at the Hyatt?   I'm wondering if I should take the train or drive.
You'd probably either need to make it wider or add extra weight to the bottom to lower its center of gravity.
I'm in.   To far out to say what I'll bring yet though.
 TY.  Always good to hear I'm not crazy. Also, in retrospect I should have spent more time playing with the crossfeed settings on you Classic.  It always seems like there's never enough time at these things, right?
 I don't think it should.  The first few page of google didn't find me any info on the input impedance of the SRD-4 so I can't be sure. The best thing to do would be to just borrow another power amp and see if you get the same behavior with it.
 You're supposed to use a speaker amp.  It runs into a step up transformer and then to the headphones.  They're electrets. It's probably either the amp clipping of something loose in the cups that vibrates above a certain volume.
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