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 Those combo jacks are more commonly used as inputs.  My Scarlett 2i2, which I primarily use just as a DAC and occasionally  for measuring headphone mods, has 2 such combo jacks which can accept microphone, line level and instrument inputs. Are the TRS jacks on the Wells for single ended stereo use or are they each a single balanced channel?
 You mean this thread? I haven't been active around here lately but I have that thread set to send email alerts and saw your post there first.
I'm in.   Heaphones   Stax SR Lambda Normal Bias Stax SR-207 Sennheiser HD650   Amps   Stax SRM-T1S Objective2 Leckerton UHA-4   DAC   Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
 I'd rather the game devs did instead.  I don't care if the hardware manufacturers do or not.  It's completely irrelevant to me, as a player.  It's just something people accept with consoles because they grew up with it.  What kind of schiit storm would there be if this happened out of the blue in PC gaming and devs started taking wheelbarrows of cash to make their games Nvidia, AMD, and Intel exclusive all of a sudden? If game consoles were still plug and play like they...
 The Groove's current drive is going to add some extra bass to both of those Senns which you may or may not like.  OTOH, at the price of that bundle you could always sell the Grove if you don't like and not loose any money on the deal.
 You will need speaker amp between the Phonitor 2 and the Woo WEE. The Woo WEE is an just an adapter that goes between a speaker amp and a Stax electrostatic headphone.  The Woo WEE is not an amplifier itself.  The Phonitor 2 will not be strong enough to power the Woo WEE.by itself either. The only reason to bother with the Phonitor is if you want it's crossfeed controls.  If you are not interested in Crossfeed and you don't already have a good speaker amp the you would be...
 Damn "console" exclusives. I'm still waiting for them to die or go back to actually being consoles instead of low end PCs.
High end supra aural planar magnetic?   Looks like JPS is about 4 decades late...
 It means that it's crossfeed processing is good for 'stats too, not that the amp can actually drive them.  You need to run it's line outs into an actual electrostatic amplifier, or into a speaker amp and then into a step up transformer like the Woo WEE.
You guys are getting your definitions confused.  "An analog" isn't the same thing as just "analog".      
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