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nahhh..just a grado magnet i decided to stuck on the back of the original magnet...
ATH-T500 53mm Driver   Back of the driver   Grado SR80 non-i driver without the magnet
I had recently purchased the T500 just for fun and wasnt having high expectations for them, but my God! They really blown me away...Below are some few shots;     The cups, the headband     Audio Technica ATH-T500   Comfy headpads   Comparison from left; Bayer DT440, ATH-T500, Grado G-Cush   ATH-T500 53mm Driver   Back of the driver   No holes.....yet :p   Grado magnets??   Completely Closed :(
My SR80, and I managed to do this;     But ended up with this :(     Probably the heat was too much it also melted the glue which holds the magnet in place, and when the voice coil vibration was too hard, bammm.... The magnet pop off when I accidentally drop the damaged driver...funny considering magnets use to be so glued in place, the actually wont pop off so easily...the fall was 10-inch the most...     Now I have to find a replacement...
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